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Today is International Women’s Day (8th March) and this month is Women’s History month. These recognise the role of women, so often underappreciated and also the struggles that have brought the progress we have seen towards equality but which remains so uneven. There are some resources at this BBC web page to learn lots more of Women’s History Women’s History Month – Teaching Resources – BBC Teach . 
It’s led us to consider three entries in our Collection – though of course very many of them involve women. 
The first brings some memories from Val of youth and sharing some of the duties of shopping when needed. Then the reality of leaving school at 14 to work in a factory she hated before, at 18 being called up to serve in the army and enjoying later postings. From Tyne Brand to Women’s Royal Army – Remembering the Past . 
Finally we read this account of the History of Tynemouth Townswomen’s Guild which was so popular it had to have two parts to it. Lots of fascinating detail of how its main focus was women’s education. It’s a very interesting memory, from sending delegates to national meetings to outings to their role in Tynemouth Priory Theatre, it is well worth a read. Leaving us wondering if it is due to progress they were so much part of creating is why the Tynemouth Townswomen’s Guild held its last meeting in January 2004. Tynemouth Village Townswomen – Remembering the Past