Do you have a story to tell or a memory to share?

Remembering the Past is collecting memories about every part of life in North Tyneside and its surrounding areas, as told by those who lived, worked and played there.

Here you'll find memories and experiences contributed entirely by people who were born and raised in the area, or who have moved here from other parts of the country. Their stories cover a timespan of over 100 years, with our earliest memory going back to 1906.

From birth to death, holidays, school, childhood and working life, health, entertainment, politics, festivals, transport, shopping and home. Whether your memories are from 6, 16, or 60 years ago you will help build a living community history, which other people will enjoy.

This is a living archive and it needs more stories – can you share one with us?

A reflection for VE Day

Kitty, Volunteer

An Ex WAAF’s story

Kitty Brightwell was a plotter in the bunker at Uxbridge during the war. The bunker housed RAF Fighter Command’s No.11 Group Operations Room throughout the Second World War, the room from which the RAF co-ordinated most of the Battle of Britain. Some of her memories have been incorporated into the museum’s exhibitions.

Click here to read Kitty’s reflections on a night time raid.

Our latest project

Meet me at the Oxford

Listen to volunteers Pam, Pat and Linda talking about their experience of volunteering with Remembering the Past. They were involved in collecting memories for the ‘Meet me at the Oxford’ project which extended the skills of our whole team and was great fun in the process.

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Remembering the Past has been collecting the memories of local people over many years. Now, thanks to our volunteers, the memories have been collated into a number of online collections.

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What people say about us

It is an excellent resource for young and not so young. The experience, tales, and ‘life as it was’ contributes to the knowledge of the area for everyone. The very fact that contributions are continuing to be provided shows how successful Remembering the Past is.

Lucy Alexander

Volunteering on the project enables me to meet people and make new friends. I share my own expertise and I gain new skills through the training provided. I enjoy working on the various projects, meeting contributors, recording their memories and taking copies of their photographs. It is very rewarding to see our work displayed and very well received both by schools and the wider community.

Dorothy ColeVolunteer

The importance of Remembering the Past is paramount to the education of the young people of today, so not only can they learn about the past, but they can learn about it through the memories of those who lived and suffered through those hard times.

Angela HunterHead Teacher, Burradon Primary School

What is good? - there is a wealth of local historical information available via the volunteers who are always keen to be involved and give their support.

Alan HildrewVolunteer

Remembering the Past is an organisation which provides an important resource for the benefit of the whole community. Through their work and their cross generational approach it has contributed to a number of projects in our town centre including the 'Gannin Shoppin in Shields' exhibition. Project like these provide important learning and education to participants and visitors.

David BavairdChair, North Tyneside Business Forum

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Volunteers collecting memories

All of our work is done by volunteers.

We’re proud of what we do and how we do it. If you join the team you could learn some new skills, work on interesting projects, meet some wonderful people and have fun along the way.

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