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Our team of volunteers

The team is highly trained and the range of skills we have is incredible. We can do everything necessary to take an interesting memory from an individual, add it to our catalogue and then publish it on the website. That doesn’t mean you have to be skilled to start with. We have a complete training package for new volunteers and what usually happens is that you find a particular area of work that you really enjoy and become very good at it.
If you would like to find out more about being a volunteer with Remembering the Past, click the button below.

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Our Trustees

Remembering the Past became a charity in 2013 and our Trustee Board ensure that all the work we do is carried out in line with our charitable objectives.  These are:

  • To record and preserve memories of the North East (with an emphasis on North Tyneside) for future generations, creating a valuable local history resource for generations to come in the process
  • To encourage older people to maintain their social connections and establish new ones as a means of combating loneliness and social isolation
  • To enable older people become competent and confident in the use of digital technology

How do we work?

It all starts off when you make an enquiry. You might want to share your own stories or you might be enquiring on behalf of a family member or friend. We’ll explain the system we use, starting with the interview process, the equipment we use and what can happen to the story once we’ve collected it. The whole process is designed to keep the contributor in control – it’s essential that you’re happy every step of the way before we make any material of yours public.

Where do we work?

Our base is in the Linskill Centre, North Shields and it has all the facilities we need to turn a memory into something you can easily read and listen to on this website. One of the key features of our base is its kitchen, providing a constant supply of tea and biscuits. These supplies keep us going as the team works through all of the processes necessary to convert your story into a digital format. We can edit it where necessary using programmes like Audacity, transcribe it and finally catalogue it so you can find it on the website.