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Our Collection of Memories

Welcome to our Collection of Memories.

This is where you’ll find the recollections and life experiences which local people have shared with us. You can browse through the collection or, if you’re looking for something specific, you can use the search facility below. The collection has been has been built up over many years and contains some wonderful stories.

Some stories have sound recordings attached to them and if you’re interested in listening rather than reading the easiest way is to type ‘mp3’ into the main search box in the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up all of the stories that you can listen to.

Our aim is to encourage people, either living in or with a connection to North Tyneside, to share some of their life experience to create a personal context for the momentous times they’ve lived through. If you’d like to contribute a story then get in touch via our contact page. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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18 Years at ClelandsWhen the ship sailed you could say “I helped build that.”RtP/045/010health local-history my-life other transport working-lifenorth-shields other willington1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s
55 Years of Working Life in Howard StreetI was basically a partner in a firm at 21, which was quite unusualRtP/050/012buildings local-history my-life working-lifenorth-shields north-tyneside1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s
A Bad WinterOne bright moonlit night during the war, the Germans mistook the new coast road for the River Tyne.RtP/016/007wartimewallsend1930s 1940s
A Big Day OutSalvation Army, free from sin, we all went to heaven in a corned beef tin.RtP/032/011celebrations-events childhood pastimes-entertainmentshiremoor tynemouth1940s 1950s
A Boy’s Own Adventure by Alan ConnonEven after we told my Mum and Dad what we intended doing, they seemed to think this is a joke, they will never do it.RtP/009/007childhood wartimenorth-shields1940s
A Christmas Party at the Masonic Lodge North ShieldsI'd love to go to a partyRtP/036/010celebrations-events childhoodnorth-shields1930s
A Christmas SurpriseThere suddenly appeared a young boy pedalling furiously on his new bicycle!RtP/030/019celebrations-events working-lifenewcastle-upon-tyne seaton-burn wideopen1950s 1960s 1970s
A day at the SeasideA poetic look back at a trip from Newcastle to the coast in the 1920s.RtP/008/014childhoodnewcastle-upon-tyne whitley-bay1920s
A Day off SchoolEverything was dwarfed by the Esso Northumbria, which was so long you could see neither the top nor the other end.RtP/019/013celebrations-events childhoodtynemouth wallsend1960s
A Fitter on the TyneI built the fastest engine everRtP/045/013health local-history my-life transport working-lifenorth-shields northumberland other south-tyneside wallsend1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s
A Geordie LadIn Loving Memory of Derek Scott, born 25th May 1936, died 10th October 2011.RtP/043/005my-lifenorth-shields tynemouth1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
A Grand Day OutAs a treat, on Sunday afternoons, my parents took my brother and myself on a tram trip to Throckley.RtP/016/001childhood transportwallsend1960s
A JourneymanI spent 15 months of my apprenticeship on board that ship.RtP/045/016health local-history my-life transport working-lifenorth-shields1960s 1970s
A Musical FamilyCousin George could sing all the verses of the Lambton Worm plus many other Geordie songs.RtP/015/005pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1940s 1950s
A New ArrivalI knew something unusual was going on - my Mother was still in bed at lunchtime!RtP/025/019childhood health my-lifewhitley-bay1930s
A Peaceful Night During Advent WW2“But hang on, angels don’t have a brass band do they? They are playing the Stars and Stripes! It’s the Yanks - they’ve arrived.”RtP/008/002celebrations-events wartimeother1940s
A Question of RatsThe five guinea investment in the mongoose proved to be finest investment the store ever made.RtP/020/008shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields1920s
A Reply to Uncle Doug, 2008Hi, Venerable Uncle! Not necessarily interesting to others, but since I’m asked;RtP/041/005my-lifeother1950s 1960s 1970s
A ride in a ‘Dicky seat’We arrived home with all three of us soaking wet - while the four people inside the car were warm and dry.RtP/034/015childhood pastimes-entertainmentother1930s
A Small Splutter of MemoriesThe first ten years 1938 – 1948.RtP/041/006childhoodnorth-shields1930s 1940s
A Sweetshop of Long AgoWe attempted to make versions of toffees, chocolates and fondants using some weird ingredients.RtP/019/011childhood shops-shoppingnorth-shields1930s
A Tailor’s ApprenticeWe were the first firm in Whitley Bay to work a five day week.RtP/022/018shops-shopping wartime working-lifewhitley-bay1940s
A Very Sad Day – A Great Step ForwardI remember growing up in Burradon, a little village, in a beautiful old colliery cottage which I loved.RtP/035/007celebrations-events childhood house-home my-life pastimes-entertainment shops-shoppingkillingworth1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
A Wartime WeddingI don’t know how my mother catered for our wedding reception!RtP/043/017celebrations-events my-lifeshiremoor1940s
A Winter Trip to Tynemouth Boating LakeI could see the lake frozen over and thought it was worth the hike.RtP/025/020childhoodtynemouth1960s
A Woman in the ShipyardAll the men used to cheer as if they’d never seen a woman beforeRtP/045/015local-history my-life transport working-lifewallsend1950s 1960s
About A (Bevin) BoyThe face workers, the elite, spent the shift on their knees in 4'6" of height, shovelling coal onto a conveyer belt.RtP/020/014wartime working-lifeshiremoor1940s
Active ServiceOur sergeant was determined to make us into first class soldiers.RtP/021/020my-life wartimenorth-shields other1940s
After School 1I was awarded a certificate for 120 words per minute shorthand and 60 words per minute in typing.RtP/034/017working-lifenorth-shields wallsend whitley-bay1930s
After School 2‘Don’t forget you are there to sell the books, not get lost in them’.RtP/034/018my-life working-lifewhitley-bay1930s
After the WarKitty Brightwell recalls returning to Civvy Street and finding work.RtP/008/012working-lifenewcastle-upon-tyne north-shields1940s
Air Raid Shelters 1We covered the shelter with soil from the park and my dad put an armour plated door on it.RtP/017/014wartimeother1930s 1940s
Air Raid Shelters 2The boys jumped on top of the shelter banging about, while all the girls went inside the shelter and screamed.RtP/017/018wartimetynemouth1930s
Alan’s Day at the BeachWe just romped about the place as youngsters never thinking of time we just played and played and played.RtP/014/001childhood my-life pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields tynemouth1930s
Alan’s Memory – He never called my name.I could not show my feelings in the same way he could not show his. That’s why he never called my name.RtP/009/005childhood house-home my-life pastimes-entertainment wartimenorth-shields tynemouth1930s 1940s
Alan’s Memory of The Mother I LovedAs a young woman my mother was asked if she would be prepared to take an appointment as a Nanny to the local Spanish Consul in North Shields.RtP/009/004celebrations-events childhood house-home my-life transport wartimenorth-shields northumberland tynemouth whitley-bay1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s
Albert Edward Docks 1950sSometimes, just for the hell of it, we would go looking for a chase.RtP/028/013childhood transport working-lifehowdon north-shields percy-main1950s
Alick’s Day at the BeachWe used to get the bus to the Central Station and then the electric train from there to Tynemouth.RtP/014/003childhood my-lifetynemouth1930s 1940s
All About Tea Cans and Spotted Bait HankiesThe shipyard men had their own distinctive tea cans and red and white spotted bait hankies.RtP/025/015shops-shopping wartime working-lifenorth-shields percy-main1930s
All Good GrubOn Tuesdays, the Cullercoats fish wife called, wearing her navy blue serge skirt and carrying her creel.RtP/016/009house-homehowdon1920s
An account of two incidents occurring early in World War IIA bomb had hit a coal shed containing ten tons of coal, which duly vaporised, covering all who ventured out with coal dust.RtP/038/014my-life wartimeother1940s
An Act of ChivalryRonnie.......I'm not going to ask WHY you've no socks on......Goodnight!RtP/027/014my-lifenorth-shields1950s
An Ex W.A.A.F’s StoryWe didn’t realise at the time that our carefree teenage years were about to be stolen from us.RtP/008/007wartimeother1930s 1940s
An experience of DecoratingI'm alright, I can move my toes.RtP/021/006house-homekillingworth1960s
An Ode to GolfIt’s all good addictive fun!RtP/040/013pastimes-entertainmentnorthumberland percy-main1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s
An Old Cottage – memories of a happy childhoodSitting in the evenings snug by your hearth warmed by a lovely fire.RtP/008/003childhood house-homenewcastle-upon-tyne1920s
An Old Easter RhymeTate, Mate, Misere, Carlin, Palm and Paste Egg Day.RtP/032/012celebrations-eventsshiremoor1950s 1960s 1970s
Ann’s Memories of WallsendDuring the war there used to be smoke screens lit on moonlit nights to hide the yards from bombers.RtP/010/001childhood my-life pastimes-entertainment wartime working-lifewallsend1920s 1930s 1940s
Another Alan’s Day at the BeachThe beaches were full of people. There’s a thing about being in large groups of people, irrespective of the fact that you don’t know them, that everybody’s there enjoying themselves and it’s infectious.RtP/014/002childhood my-lifewhitley-bay1940s 1950s
Another Kind of War – Through a Child’s EyesMy war brought loss of a different kind, not the loss of a death, but the loss of division no less formidable in its onslaught.RtP/027/010childhood wartimenorth-shields1930s 1940s
Appleby Street (1956)I have no qualms about the good old days for I am pleased I was there for the ride.RtP/030/008house-homenorth-shields1950s
As We WereThe fisher wives always shouted, “Fish alive, fish alive”, which I could never understand as all their fish for sale was quite dead!RtP/017/008my-lifewhitley-bay1920s 1930s 1940s
At Home in Winter, in the 1950sA shovel full of coals was brought upstairs, still merrily burning, to ignite the newspaper and sticks tidily laid in the grate.RtP/017/007house-homenewcastle-upon-tyne1950s
Australia to North ShieldsOn my journey from London to North Shields, if I stopped every fifty miles, I would have difficulty conversing with the locals.RtP/020/017my-lifenorth-shields1980s 1990s
Baking DayThe food of the gods could never taste as glorious.RtP/043/012childhood house-homeother1930s 1940s 1950s
Balliol Community Food ShopVolunteers bridged the gap to supply goods on a not-for-profit basis.RtP/029/002shops-shoppinglongbenton1990s
Barbara’s Memories of WallsendHill’s the hardware shop was an Aladdin’s cave. It had a downstairs and an upstairs, just full of everything you would need to keep a house going.RtP/010/002shops-shoppingwallsend1950s
Barrel Walking 1958To go forward you would walk backwards on the drum and to go backwards you walked forward.RtP/036/004childhood pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1950s
Baster FightsDuring election campaigning we targeted people according to their political affiliation.RtP/027/002childhood schooldaysother1930s 1940s 1950s
Bath Time 1960Your first job was to go to the wash house outside in the back yard and check if the metal pot that held water was full or not.RtP/035/003house-home my-lifeother1960s
Beauty in the 1940s and early 1950sLeg tan was a thick liquid and you had to keep it even or you had blotchy legs. We'd paint a seam up the back of our legs too.RtP/017/019pastimes-entertainmentother1940s 1950s
Being a Chef in the Royal NavyFrom HMS Ganges I got my first posting to a ship - but what a ship! It was the flagship, HMS Ark Royal, the biggest ship in the Royal Navy.RtP/036/018celebrations-events my-life transport working-lifenorth-shields1970s
Being a Paper BoyThe bag was really heavy and on Sundays I needed two, which were even heavier!RtP/039/011childhoodpercy-main1940s
Being a Tickie Wife in the 1960s/1970sIf you sold £200.00 of toys it meant you had a good pay, because you got a good commission. The trouble was getting the money off the clients after Christmas.RtP/040/016working-lifeother1950s 1960s
BellaOn washing days two families shared a wash house where there was a tub pos-stick and a boiler. The boiler would need to be lighted early morning.RtP/015/021childhood house-home my-life schooldaysnorth-shields percy-main1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s
Bella’s 1961That was what we called wellingtons when we were kids.RtP/040/018childhoodnorth-shields1960s
Belle’s Story – Having a BabyThere were other girls like me on the base, two or three pregnant at the same time as me.RtP/016/016my-lifenorth-shields1940s
Benton and Forest Hall Railway StationsOne winter’s day the travellers were so cosy in the waiting room that they were unaware of the train having stopped, and then moved on!RtP/023/009transportkillingworth1960s
Betty D’s Memories of WallsendCan you imagine what our teachers had to put up with.RtP/010/003celebrations-events childhood my-life schooldayswallsend1930s
Betty S’s Memories of WallsendOn Sundays a big crowd of people used to gather at Marshi’s Ice Cream Parlour at the top of the High Street.RtP/010/004childhood my-life pastimes-entertainment working-lifenewcastle-upon-tyne wallsend1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
Betty Sm’s Memories of WallsendI can remember going to Redheads, on the High Street, to get the accumulator charged, which meant carrying a container of sulphuric acid around!RtP/010/005celebrations-events childhood pastimes-entertainment schooldayswallsend1930s 1940s
Big Country – Small WorldMillions of tons of goods and fuel arrived in Berlin during the airlift to keep the residents alive and functional.RtP/027/011my-life wartimeother1950s
Birthday PartiesCurrant scones, with money wrapped in greaseproof paper in some of them, were a great attraction.RtP/019/020celebrations-events childhoodother1930s 1940s 1950s
BirthdaysA birthday party was a big event because you were bombarded with presents.RtP/031/019celebrations-events childhooddurham1940s
BlackberryingOur favourite place for doing blackberrying was a place called John Pye Hill.RtP/037/006childhoodpercy-main1930s
Bliddy Mackerel"Bliddy mackerel" he roared, giving me a clip across the ear, "go back tomorrow and get some herring"!RtP/027/013childhood house-homenorth-shields whitley-bay1950s
Boat TripsI have never been lucky with boats.RtP/031/020childhood my-life transport wartimenorth-shields other south-tyneside1930s 1940s
Bonfire NightThe highlight of the event was raiding other people’s bonfires, pinching stuff when they weren’t guarding it, but best of all setting fire to one.RtP/039/017celebrations-events childhoodhowdon percy-main1940s 1950s
Boogie MakingAfter we'd made them, boogies used to be pushed, pulled and ridden for mile after mile.RtP/028/014childhood games health pastimes-entertainmenthowdon percy-main1940s 1950s
Brigham & Cowan Ltd 1962If the dock yard lads were running late they would give two whistles and the little Brigham & Cowan's launch would come over and take them back to the south side.RtP/040/020childhood working-lifenorth-shields south-tyneside1960s
Brigham & Cowan Ltd Dry DocksDry dock owners and ship repairers South ShieldsRtP/043/010working-lifesouth-tyneside1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s
Broken Biscuits 1960First we would just look at them, then as your mouth began to water like mad, pop a bit in. It was sheer heaven!RtP/038/001childhood house-homenorth-shields1960s
Building a New LifeI told them I have to live here and they have to come into my shop so they got more friendly.RtP/020/013my-life otherhowdon north-shields1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
Burradon Memories Part 1: 19 Office RowI was born in my grandparents' home. A colliery house, a large living room with a ladder staircase up to the sleeping area.RtP/012/001childhood holidays house-homekillingworth1920s 1930s
Burradon Memories Part 2: HardshipNow in those good old days, if you didn't work you didn't eat!RtP/012/002childhood health house-home my-life working-lifekillingworth1920s 1930s
Burradon Memories Part 3: The LightsI had wanted to be able to tell the poor souls who couldn't go to Blackpool all about “the lights”RtP/012/003childhood my-life pastimes-entertainment shops-shoppingkillingworth1930s
Burradon Memories Part 4: Village Memories and CharactersThen we come to the jewel in the crown - "The Chute". It was a haven for all the lads in the village.RtP/012/004celebrations-events health house-home my-life pastimes-entertainment shops-shopping transport working-lifekillingworth1930s
Burradon Memories Part 5: Church AffairsThe Church of the Good Shepherd has been a haven for me - so full of wonderful memories of people and clergy.RtP/012/005celebrations-events health my-lifekillingworth1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
Burradon Memories Part 6: Georgie –A Flight of FancyGeorgie thought he was one of the family. When he wasn't flying around the room he was on my head being carried.RtP/012/006house-home my-lifekillingworth1940s 1950s
Burradon Memories Part 7: The Picture PalaceNow finally let me introduce our Picture Palace, if my memory serves me right it was a building with a tin roofRtP/012/007my-life pastimes-entertainmentkillingworth1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
Bus ConductressA couple of times a week a dog got on the bus.RtP/044/018transport working-lifenorth-shields percy-main1940s
Bygone paths and tracks in Forest HallThe limits of our explorations were where our little legs could go to reallyRtP/053/006childhood leisure local-history my-lifeforest-hall killingworth1960s 1970s
Call of the East – Working Life 1950-2000In foreign climes I sailed the seas.RtP/027/019working-lifenorth-shields other1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
Camping at Collars 1962Sure enough there were a couple of beady red eyes staring at us.RtP/040/011childhood pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields tynemouth1960s
Car Spotting on the BroadwayImagine the futility of car spotting these days.RtP/033/009childhood pastimes-entertainment transportcullercoats tynemouth whitley-bay1960s
CarnivalsOh happy, happy days, when everyone made their own entertainment.RtP/034/004celebrations-events childhood pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields northumberland shiremoor1930s 1940s
Carnivals in North ShieldsWe were all given an orange each at the end of the day.RtP/024/009celebrations-events childhoodnorth-shields1920s
Carol SingingIt was the most lovely sound.RtP/037/013celebrations-events house-homepercy-main1940s
Carpet beating 1957There would be clouds of dust coming off and God only knows what else, probably fleas, bugs, etc.RtP/039/004childhood house-homeother1950s
CatapultsIf you had no money, we used rubber from old inner tubes. The problem was that it would snap at full stretch and give you a nasty smack.RtP/039/018childhood pastimes-entertainmentpercy-main1940s 1950s
Catching HerringA fisherman's memories of the herring girlsRtP/052/002local-history my-life national-history working-lifeinternational national north-shields various1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s
Catty Nelly (1958)The yard belonged to Catty Nelly and the cats and kittens were her kids so to speak.RtP/038/009house-home schooldaysnorth-shields1950s
Cawkwell’s Farm, Percy MainMy favourite time was haymaking or ‘bringing in the stooks’.RtP/039/016childhood wartime working-lifepercy-main1940s
Celebrating the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth IIKids kept pinching sweets from her costume and by the time she got to the judges there were hardly any left.celebrations-events childhood local-history national-history royal-familynewcastle-upon-tyne whitley-bay1950s
Chapel ActivitiesThe boys used to fasten their cup to their belt and more often than not they went home with just the handle.RtP/016/002pastimes-entertainmenthowdon1920s
Childhood BooksI used to read in the cupboard under the stairs where my mother had a lot of True Romance magazinesRtP/020/006childhood pastimes-entertainmentwallsend1930s 1940s 1950s
Childhood Games 1All of a sudden there was this hand on my shoulder; it was the policeman, 'if you do that again you're in trouble'.RtP/017/003childhoodnorth-shields1920s 1930s 1940s
Childhood Games 2The boys always seemed to be rolling about on the ground wrestling or playing football.RtP/008/013childhood pastimes-entertainmentnewcastle-upon-tyne1920s
Childhood in East HowdonWe would take our dolls and prams and dress up in our mothers' high heels.RtP/021/012childhood my-life pastimes-entertainment transportpercy-main1950s
Childhood in Howdon and Willington QuayIt wasn't unusual to see a mouse come out of the corner of the classroom and lick the milk bottle tops.RtP/026/013celebrations-events childhood schooldays transporthowdon1950s
Childhood in North ShieldsA cold water tap in the backyard had to serve about four or five families.RtP/024/014childhood house-home my-lifenorth-shields1920s
Childhood in West Percy RoadMy brother and I were warned not to touch the table, but we always had our own little selection with a bottle of Tizer to drink.RtP/020/002childhoodnorth-shields1940s
Childhood in Willington Quay and East HowdonMy mother ran all the way, chasing me with a knotted towel until we got to the school gates.RtP/035/014childhood schooldayshowdon willington1920s 1930s
Childhood Memories 1We used to invade the cinema and fidget about upstairs, munching appalling concoctions of sticky goo.RtP/016/008childhoodnorth-shields1930s 1940s
Childhood Memories 2Good Fridays always stand out in my memory because that was the day we marched round the town.RtP/017/017childhoodnorth-shields wallsend1960s
Childhood Memories 3I loved Collingwood Infant School. I hid in the cloakroom because I didn't want to leave on my last day.RtP/019/016childhoodnorth-shields1930s 1940s
Childhood Memories of Forest HallWe went on long walks with our grandfather, who always carried a 'poke' to collect scrap metal.RtP/029/006childhood shops-shoppingforest-hall killingworth seaton-burn1930s
Childhood Memories of Living in New YorkElsie Wilkinson recalls her childhood in New York village during the 1920s and 30s.RtP/013/002new-york1920s 1930s
Childhood memories of North Shields shops 1920s-1930sI got a chocolate biscuit when I went along to pay the bill at the end of the week.RtP/042/006childhood shops-shoppingnorth-shields1920s 1930s
Childhood Memories Of Shopping in North ShieldsI remember one day a tram went out of control and ran all the way down Borough Road.RtP/041/020childhood shops-shoppingnorth-shields1930s 1940s
Childhood Sounds About The HouseTo hear some 2 dozen trained people singing in a room of 12 feet square was totally unforgettable!RtP/031/011childhoodshiremoor1920s
Children PlayingDrivers always considered the children who were out playing.RtP/023/010childhoodkillingworth1950s
Children’s War Effort 1940Children were encouraged to help out by potato picking.RtP/031/002childhood wartimewhitley-bay1940s
Chocolate and SennaChocolate has never tasted so good!RtP/030/011childhood healthhowdon1920s
Chocolate EggsChocolate Eggs?RtP/032/010celebrations-events childhoodshiremoor1940s
Chris Petter, a Remarkable ManOne peaceful Sunday afternoon (the date was Sept: 17th 1944 ), Chris and his friends, aged about 11 years old witnessed hundreds of men dropping from the sky, some in gliders and some by parachute.RtP/008/001wartimeother1940s
Christening Bags 1958Now there was always a scramble for the bag because inside the scone you would find a silver coin.RtP/037/017celebrations-events childhoodother1950s
Christmas and EasterMother used to hard boil eggs in onion skins, which made them a nice shade of brown.RtP/016/010celebrations-eventshowdon1920s
Christmas and My Great Aunt MayShe was a bit of a goer!RtP/031/008celebrations-events childhoodwallsend1960s
Christmas and New Year in the 1920sThe first-foot had to be tall dark and masculine.RtP/028/009celebrations-events childhoodgateshead1920s
Christmas at 14 Backworth Street, Percy MainA few days before Christmas we wrote our notes for what we wanted and threw them up the chimney for Santa.RtP/011/004celebrations-events childhoodpercy-main1940s
Christmas CookingThe next day was the best – bubble and squeak! Its worth cooking a Christmas dinner and putting it to one side for the next day – just to fry it!RtP/036/006celebrations-eventsother1930s 1940s 1950s
Christmas in the 1930sWe had lovely glass toys and tin candle holders which dripped on the branches.RtP/021/014celebrations-eventsnorth-shields1930s
Christmas Memories 1928/9The ones I had between five and ten were better than the rest!RtP/028/005celebrations-events childhoodnorth-shields1920s
Christmas Memories Early 1960s 1Washing up was a male domain on Christmas Day.RtP/031/005celebrations-events childhood transportwallsend1960s
Christmas Memories Early 1960s 2Decorating the tree was a very happy, cosy sort of time, rounded off with a glass of sherry.RtP/031/006celebrations-eventswallsend1960s
Christmas on National Service – Egypt 1954The officers served the turkey dinner to the men.RtP/036/009wartimeother1950s
Christmas PastThey put a sack over one pig's head, another sack over his hind quarters and heaved him into the seat at the back of the car.RtP/021/002working-lifeshiremoor1930s
Christmas Toys 1942The first toy I made was the typical Cowboy’s Gun, or ‘Revolver', drawn out on a thickish piece of wood, then carefully cut to shape with a fretsaw.RtP/009/003pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1940s
Cinema in North ShieldsAny child who had freckles could get in free.RtP/024/011childhood pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1920s
CinemasIf it was a cowboy picture they would play fast, if it was a love scene the music would be slow and romantic.RtP/017/005childhood pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1910s
Civil Defence Ambulance ServiceWe only had three tin hats, so we had to supply white paper serviettes that they put on their heads first.RtP/017/013wartimeother1930s 1940s
Clelands Shipbuilding YardWillington Quay Wallsend 1867 - 1983RtP/043/011working-lifewillington1980s
Clive Street Shops (1956)All the shops look busy and neat.RtP/030/009shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields1950s
Coal Colliers (Flat Irons)These colliers would run from the river Tyne down to Battersea power station.RtP/026/015transport working-lifeother tyneside1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s
Coal Fires 1956Soon the fire would be roaringRtP/029/015house-homepercy-main1950s
Coast TrainsPassengers were pushed onto the trains, dripping wet.RtP/027/001transportnorth-shields percy-main tynemouth1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
Collecting CokeThe coal was frozen solid in the railway trucks and could not be delivered on time to people.RtP/037/007childhood house-homepercy-main1940s
Cooking on a Flat IronWith her being a coal burner there was soot and smoke everywhere!RtP/031/013transport working-lifeother1950s
Cooking on Boxing DayMake it yourself!RtP/036/007celebrations-eventsother1930s 1940s 1950s
Cookson’s PondIt was full of sticklebacks and we’d spend many happy hours there fishing.RtP/011/007childhoodpercy-main1930s 1940s
Cotton Dresses and Arctic WeatherThe dress you got had no sleeves and was made of cotton.RtP/031/018celebrations-events childhood fashion shops-shoppingnewcastle-upon-tyne wallsend1950s 1960s
CullercoatsMy Mam and I use to go down to the Fish Quay and buy fresh fish. We would walk for miles around Forest Hall selling fish.RtP/015/013childhoodcullercoats killingworth1940s
Cullercoats FolkBilly Rodney - man of mystery.RtP/023/019childhoodcullercoats1920s
Danny Green Blue Five RnB Group early 1960sWe were young and indestructible. Health warnings there were none. We drank, smoked and whatever else we could get up to through the early 1960s. We discovered life and eventually became adults.RtP/043/016celebrations-events my-life pastimes-entertainment working-lifenorth-shields shiremoor1950s 1960s 1970s
Days at Tynemouth Beach and Saltwell ParkOur mothers would send us for hot water to the kiosk for their tea - we had pop.RtP/037/016childhood pastimes-entertainmentgateshead tynemouth1940s
Dedication of St Columba, Wideopen, 1983The large procession escorted the Bishop into the new church.RtP/031/014celebrations-eventswideopen1980s
DeliveriesI would sit in the front of the van next to a small sink where the driver could wash his hands.RtP/018/013childhood shops-shoppingtyneside1960s
DentistsThe thing I remember mostly was the smell of the chloroform.RtP/033/001childhood healthwallsend1940s
Derek’s Memories of WallsendWhen I stayed in hospital for operations I used to run messages for the staff, just to keep me occupied.RtP/010/006childhood healthwallsend1940s
Development of LongbentonBy 1961 another two farmers had lost most of their land and a great new estate was thriving on it.RtP/028/017house-homelongbenton1930s 1940s 1950s
Different RoutesGoing into the Tyne Tunnel was an exciting experience for a child, especially going down the incredibly long escalators.RtP/019/012childhood transporthowdon percy-main1960s
Doctors of North ShieldsThere was a Heath Robinson affair rigged up for summoning us up to the next floor, where a light flashed for each doctor when his surgery was empty!RtP/030/006healthnorth-shields percy-main1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s
Dog End HuntingWhen you need a smoke and you are both a kid and skint, dog end collecting sure saved the day.RtP/028/015childhood health pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1950s
Dogger Bank 1965Our little boat hops from wave to wave.RtP/029/013working-lifenorth-shields1960s
Dorothy and Peggy’s Day at the BeachImagine if you have something knitted like a swim suit, cos it was all in one, and when it got wet it was sort of sodden and it used to drag.RtP/014/005childhood my-lifecullercoats tynemouth1930s 1940s
Dorothy’s Day at the BeachOnce a year the working men’s club funded an outing for the members’ children and that was usually the first week of the school holidays, but for weeks leading up to that we used to be so excited.RtP/014/004childhood my-lifewhitley-bay1940s 1970s
Down One Side and Up the OtherRemembering shops in Forest Hall.RtP/031/012shops-shoppingforest-hall1940s
Drain Pipes 1957Once it was in full blaze the roar coming out of the pipe was like a jet engine, then at the same time the pipe would start to rattle like mad.RtP/039/003childhoodother1950s
Dripping Bread Sandwiches 1955When it comes out of the frying pan - It brings happiness to your eyes.RtP/026/014childhood healthtyneside1950s
Driving a Travelling ShopI think it was the biggest travelling shop in the world at that time!RtP/039/020my-life shops-shopping transport working-lifegateshead wallsend1950s
Driving Test 1937I took a coal lorry to the test centre to take my test. For the passenger seat there was just a beer crate with a cushion on.RtP/017/016working-lifeother1930s
Early MemoriesThere was a parrot which used to sit on the gate. Whenever I asked the time it would always say "One o'clock".RtP/015/015childhood healthhowdon1910s
Early Memories of National ServiceWhen we went to the firing range we had a target made of paper with a man’s silhouette on it, floating in the air.RtP/036/016wartimenorth-shields1950s
East End CarnivalThere was always a carnival king, queen and jester.RtP/023/005celebrations-events pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1920s 1930s
East End SunbeamsWe had crinolines made out of crepe paper and soldier's jackets made out of a piece of red mattress covering.RtP/022/019pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1920s
East Howdon Social Club in the 1950sIf you took the lemonade bottle back you got a penny.RtP/021/015pastimes-entertainmentpercy-main1950s
Easter 1958Everyone used to get excited about Good Friday coming along.RtP/038/004celebrations-events childhoodnorth-shields1950s
Easter MemoriesCotton dresses, sandals and arctic weather.RtP/031/001celebrations-events childhood house-homewallsend1960s
Easter Monday at the FairWe would borrow ropes from the girls at Haggies.RtP/032/007celebrations-events childhood pastimes-entertainmenthowdon wallsend1950s 1960s
Easter WeekendMother hated it when I brought a goldfish home!RtP/032/016celebrations-events childhood house-home pastimes-entertainmenthowdon wallsend1950s 1960s
Eccleshaw ShopsThe period I am reminiscing about is the late ‘60s and ‘70s. I lived on Goathland Ave. near Eccleshaw shops, most of my family still live in Benton. I went to St Cuthbert's in the West End of Newcastle, but my local friends all went to Longbenton HighRtP/027/018schooldays shops-shoppingkillingworth longbenton1960s 1970s
Edith’s Memories of WallsendYou didn’t go to dances to meet anyone, just to dance.RtP/010/007
Edith’s StoryWhen I was seventeen I did my bit for the war and joined the National Fire Service as part time firewoman. I felt so smart in my uniform.RtP/044/014celebrations-events childhood house-home my-life pastimes-entertainment schooldays shops-shopping wartime working-lifenorth-shields percy-main1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
Edna’s Memories of Wallsend 1We used to roll our own pills and make all sorts of ‘bottles'.RtP/010/008working-lifewallsend1940s
Edna’s Memories of Wallsend 2I still go to the Procession of Witness in Wallsend and I think I’ve been to every one since I was a little girl.RtP/010/009celebrations-events childhood pastimes-entertainmentwallsend1930s 1940s 1950s
ElizabethWhen she was eighteen years old Elizabeth joined the Women’s Timber Corps.RtP/015/020celebrations-events wartime working-lifenewcastle-upon-tyne north-shields1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s
Elizabeth’s Day at the beachWe all spent the day together it was wonderful it always seemed to be long sunny days just like the Riviera.RtP/014/006childhood my-lifepercy-main tynemouth1940s 1950s
Ella Gordon (1909-1999)The children rode the bicycle over 100 miles to the nearest port and addressing it to Miss Ella Gordon, Liverpool, shipped it off.RtP/020/020working-lifenorth-shields1950s
Empire DayWe used to sing a little ditty.....RtP/030/012celebrations-events schooldayshowdon1930s
Entertainment in Whitley BayA Whitley Bay resident talks of entertainment at the coast during the 1930s and 40s.RtP/044/006pastimes-entertainmentwhitley-bay1930s 1940s
Errands and Odd Jobs in the 1920sOn Saturday morning I used to clean six doorsteps in our street and put rubbing stone on the edges.RtP/019/002childhood shops-shoppingother1920s
Eva’s Memories of WallsendWhen I was 15 years old I went to the Maternity Hospital on the Green, Wallsend as a nurse cadet.RtP/010/010working-lifeseaton-burn wallsend1940s
Evacuation 1I don't want her, she's too ugly!RtP/030/013childhood wartimeother1930s
Evacuation 2Guns were going and I said, “Mum, look at all the shrapnel.” She said, “Never mind the shrapnel!”RtP/039/009childhood wartimeother1940s
FairgroundsWhen the winch was released I was terrified and would have paid five pounds to get off!RtP/019/007pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields shiremoor whitley-bay1930s 1940s
Family and Home"Sell those first and then let us know when your money's gone."RtP/033/014childhood healthother1920s
Family LifeDuring the sermon I would dream of what I would do when I was older and the places I would visit, London, Africa and America.RtP/033/013childhood my-lifewhitley-bay1920s
Family Transport 1935As Father was forgetful regards water in the radiator and petrol in the tank we were stranded a few times.RtP/034/003childhood pastimes-entertainment transportwhitley-bay1930s
Family Work on the Fish QuayIt was like a family affair, my nana, my auntie, my mother and meRtP/052/006childhood house-home local-history my-life working-lifehowdon national north-shields1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
FashionMy white dress for the Confirmation ceremony at church was made out of parachute silk.RtP/034/005childhood my-lifewallsend1930s 1940s
Father in WorkWhen he went back to work on Monday, Father's suit would go straight back into the pawnshop until the next settling time.RtP/024/020my-life working-lifenorth-shields1920s
Fenwick’s Window – 1960sA friend and I used to make a yearly pilgrimage especially to see what was in Fenwick's window that year.RtP/036/008celebrations-eventsnewcastle-upon-tyne1960s
Fever HospitalI was released from Scaffold Hill isolation hospital, with the hope of never returning to what seemed more like a prison than a hospital.RtP/034/006childhood healthkillingworth1930s
Final Farewell to a Spitfire PilotFly away Valiant Heart on your silver wingsRtP/008/015wartimeother1940s
Fire BoatYou are a grand old sightRtP/032/003childhood transport working-lifenorth-shields south-tyneside1950s
First Day as a Junior Shop AssistantI never had to contradict a customer, because the customer was always right.RtP/021/016working-lifenorth-shields1920s
First Footing 1964There never seemed to be enough first footers to go round!RtP/034/019celebrations-events pastimes-entertainmentother1960s
First Jobs after SchoolMy last job before leaving at night was to scrub the big stone flagstones in the kitchen. For all of that I got 5/- a week.RtP/034/016my-life shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields tynemouth1930s
First Memories of ShoppingIf I wanted to buy a dress I went to Bell Bros. or D Hill Carter.RtP/042/002shops-shoppingnorth-shields1940s
First time round…That was the start of the war!RtP/038/018wartimenewcastle-upon-tyne1930s 1940s
Fish Chasing 1960As most were too big to get through the filter system, now and again we got some good sized whiting, haddock and cod that had no escape and were doomed anyway.RtP/037/001childhoodnorth-shields1960s
Fish for a QueenI see fish, skipper!RtP/027/008transport working-lifenorth-shields1950s
Fish on Good FridayEveryone ate fish that day and it had to be fresh.RtP/032/008celebrations-events shops-shoppingcullercoats north-shields shiremoor1930s 1940s 1950s
Fishing 1920sMy mother used to let me keep the tiddlers in an old bowl in the back garden.RtP/019/003childhood pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1920s
Fishing at Tynemouth HavenIn July when the mackerel were abundant, Ross could catch up to a hundred big fish in one session.RtP/019/018childhood pastimes-entertainmenttynemouth1940s
Flower PowerEverything was either flower designs or psychedelic swirls or patterns.RtP/027/005childhood fashion shops-shoppingnewcastle-upon-tyne1960s
Fog, Fishing and WrecksWhat nowadays would be a sea mist, in the 1930s and 1940s turned into a thick orange impenetrable fog.RtP/026/006childhood my-lifewhitley-bay1930s 1940s
For Distinguished Conduct in the FieldCarried out with complete disregard for his own personal safety.RtP/026/020wartimenorth-shields1940s
Forest Hall 1952Now we have the flyover, but imagine the line of cars if it hadn't been built.RtP/022/007house-home transport working-lifekillingworth1950s
Forest Hall in the 1960sI really missed my lovely friends and neighbours when we moved into a house with a bathroom and a garden and a dog.RtP/030/014my-lifekillingworth1960s
Forest Hall in the 60s and 70sCentral heating - what a luxury!RtP/023/008house-homekillingworth1960s 1970s
Forest Hall Killingworth and West Moor in the 1960s-70sThere were not very many cars parked and we could play out quite happily in the roadRtP/053/002buildings childhood community-life games house-home interiors leisure local-history my-life schooldays shops-shopping transportforest-hall killingworth1960s 1970s
Forest Hall Remembered (1930s)Houses had no numbers, they were all named or known by the people who lived there.RtP/030/001house-home shops-shoppingkillingworth1930s
Forest Hall Shops in the 1960s-70sMy mum did all of her shopping on a bicycle, so the shopping would have been done on a daily basisRtP/053/005childhood community-life shops-shopping transportforest-hall1960s 1970s
Forest Hall, 1960s and 1970sHaving to sit in the house by candlelight because power station coal supply was rationed.RtP/023/012my-lifekillingworth1960s 1970s
Forest Hall, Social FunctionsThe floor and windows would all move in time to the music.RtP/023/013pastimes-entertainmentkillingworth1950s
Fred’s Steam TrainTake the train to Norway.RtP/031/007celebrations-events transporthowdon percy-main1950s
Fresh Air and Nature as the Century ClosesI've always liked a wander by fields and hedgerow, having roamed around Billy Mill district in my childhood.RtP/016/006pastimes-entertainmentwallsend1990s
From Backworth to BalmoralDuring the summer of 1946 the Royal Family were in residence at Balmoral when Ron and a few of his mates were selected for royal duties.RtP/015/022childhood my-life royal-family wartimebackworth shiremoor west-allotment1920s 1930s 1940s
From Tyne Brand to Women’s Royal ArmyAt eighteen she was called up for the army where she served on ack-ack guns.RtP/042/019childhood shops-shopping wartime working-lifenorth-shields1930s 1940s
From Western Board 1956 to Linskill 1964You wouldn't believe that in fifty odd plus years’ time we would still bump into one another for a bit natter – but it has happened!RtP/036/001schooldaysnorth-shields1950s 1960s
FundraiserI used to hold concerts and buy wool for people to knit for the forces.RtP/038/015childhood wartimeother1940s
Funerals (1957)Young as we were, you knew that if a funeral parade was going to pass you, you kept still and silent until it had passed.RtP/038/010celebrations-events childhoodother1950s
Games and Entertainment in Forest Hall (1980s)We fed them and befriended them, gave them a football to kick around on the lawn.RtP/029/021pastimes-entertainmentforest-hall1980s
Games and StoriesWhen it was too dark to play we sat and told ghost stories.RtP/024/012childhood gamesnorth-shields1920s
Games in the Street 1920sOne year we made a great big beautiful slide - the ice was like glass - and we played on it all day.RtP/019/004childhood games pastimes-entertainmentnorth-tyneside1920s
Games In the Three Cornered Field – DaresLooking back on those early childhood memories, my life just seems to be one big adventure.RtP/039/013childhood gamespercy-main shiremoor1940s
Games we used to PlayWe used to decorate our tops with brightly coloured pieces of paper to make a nice pattern while they were spinning.RtP/015/019pastimes-entertainmenthowdon1920s
Gas MantlesWe used to lie under the lorry and catch the drips from the melting ice that brought the fish to Geordie’s fish shop.RtP/021/001childhoodwillington1920s 1930s 1940s
Geo. Angus and Co. LtdAngus hit the headlines again during the D Day invasion, supplying seals for the 25 miles of fuel pipeline under the channel.RtP/021/003working-lifewallsend1940s 1950s
George and Gladys’ Days at the BeachWe didn’t play games, we couldn’t because the beach was absolutely packed with people, you had to see it to believe it; this was before the war about 1938/39. Once war came the beaches were all closed off.RtP/014/007childhood my-lifepercy-main tynemouth1940s
Getting MarriedEveryone used to wear hats.RtP/038/017my-lifenewcastle-upon-tyne whitley-bay1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s
Getting the Washing DoneIt wasn't until the mid 1970s that I got a twin-tub washing machine!RtP/029/004house-homelongbenton newcastle-upon-tyne1950s 1970s
Girl GuidesI’m still friendly with some of them now.RtP/033/019childhood pastimes-entertainmentwhitley-bay1920s
Girl’s BrigadeI’m still friendly with some of them now.RtP/033/020childhood pastimes-entertainmentwhitley-bay1920s
Girlguiding Over the YearsWe do modern things for modern girls and that’s what keeps them interested.RtP/050/003childhood community-life fashion leisure pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields north-tyneside1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Going To ChurchEvery Sunday School attendance earned a stamp depicting a story from the Gospels.RtP/034/007celebrations-events childhoodwallsend1930s
Going to the CinemaWhy doesn’t someone find his mother?RtP/044/017childhoodnorth-tyneside other1940s
Going to the PicturesWe would cry, plead and beg for the money to go, asking neighbours if they needed messages, hoping for a tip and looking all over for empty pop bottles as they had a twopenny deposit on them.RtP/037/003childhood pastimes-entertainmentpercy-main1930s 1940s
Going to the Pictures in CullercoatsIt was easy to spend five evenings watching the latest films on offer.RtP/024/002pastimes-entertainmentcullercoats whitley-bay1930s 1940s
Good Friday Marching with Cullercoats Methodist ChurchAfter the service, every child got an orange…..RtP/048/004celebrations-events community-lifecullercoats north-shields1980s 1990s
Good Friday Marching with Stephenson Street Congregational ChurchThe children got all new clothes for EasterRtP/048/010celebrations-events community-lifenorth-shields whitley-bay1960s
Good Friday Marching with Sunday SchoolI loved Good Friday because we did the marchingRtP/048/006buildings celebrations-events childhoodnorth-shields whitley-bay1950s 1960s
Good Friday Marching with the Cubs and Boys BrigadeHow proud I felt, and I knew my mother was there somewhere.RtP/048/002celebrations-events childhood community-life schooldaysnorth-shields percy-main1950s 1960s
Good Friday Planting PotatoesWhen the Procession of Witness came past we always stopped what we were doing.RtP/032/006celebrations-events my-lifenorth-tyneside1950s 1960s
Green Peas and BarleyHonour satisfied, we became friends again.RtP/022/005childhood schooldayswallsend1920s
Growing Up in Castle ParkOnce a year we all looked forward to the Miners Welfare Gala.RtP/027/017celebrations-events childhood games house-home my-life pastimes-entertainment schooldays transport working-lifeshiremoor1950s
Growing up in CullercoatsI well remember sitting behind a slight young lady with pigtails (Miss M) and finding her pretty cute, which I think I showed by tugging her pigtails.RtP/033/010childhood my-life pastimes-entertainment schooldays shops-shopping transportcullercoats north-shields tynemouth1950s 1960s
Growing Up in Howdon 1960sThe memory entitled “Childhood in Howdon and Willington Quay” brings back some very happy memories - strange how seeing something like that tugs at the old heart strings.RtP/031/004childhood schooldayshowdon1960s
Growing Up in MonkseatonWe flooded 30 sq yds of the golf course - but not a green, fortunately!RtP/025/018buildings childhood house-home wartimemonkseaton whitley-bay1930s 1940s
Growing up in North Shields in the 1920s and 30sWe had to bath in a zinc bath in front of the coal fire or a bath in the poss-tub on a washday.RtP/042/011childhood house-home schooldays working-lifenorth-shields1920s 1930s
Growing up in Tynemouth and Marden (from 1954)We could make the banana slide really slippy with the greaseproof paper the bread came in then. The parky would shout at us if we pushed the swings too hard or too high.RtP/041/017childhood house-home my-life pastimes-entertainment schooldays shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields tynemouth1950s 1960s
Hard LessonsDuring the war “National” flour was packed in cloth bags, so we unpicked them, hemmed them round and used the “flour bag handkerchiefs” all during the war.RtP/038/020childhood schooldays wartimeshiremoor tynemouth1940s
Harry’s Day at the BeachWe ran races along the sands and played cricket and rounders.RtP/014/008childhood my-life pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields tynemouth1930s
Hawkey’s Lane Baths 1958Once you jumped in that was it, you turned instant blue, fighting to breathe because the water was that cold.RtP/041/010childhood pastimes-entertainmentnorth-tyneside1950s
HealthParents were only allowed to look through a window and were not allowed onto the ward to see their bairns.RtP/016/019healthnorthumberland1920s 1930s 1940s
Health in the 1920sThe school nurse told me I had ringworm and an area of my hair had to be cut away.RtP/024/015healthother1920s
Herring Girls in My FamilyThey had to do like 50-60 fish a minute and that was nothing to themRtP/052/015childhood local-history my-life national-history working-lifenational north-shields1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s
Herrings From North Shields Fish QuayOur mothers made a great fuss of us and we had baked herring for tea for a few days.RtP/039/019childhood house-home working-lifenorth-shields percy-main1940s 1950s
Hill’s Fish and Chip Shop, Percy MainDuring the war, there was a shortage of paper and you sometimes had to take a large dish or dishes in place of paper.RtP/037/015childhood house-home shops-shoppingpercy-main1940s
HolidaysOur room had mirrors on the walls and I can remember us all dancing on the beds and being severely reprimanded.RtP/034/012childhood holidays pastimes-entertainmentnorthumberland whitley-bay1930s
Holidays in Manchester and TynesideThese holidays were great fun and helped us to get to know each other well, even though we only met a couple of times a year.RtP/034/014childhood holidays pastimes-entertainment transportother tyneside1930s
Home CookingBarley was stewed in the brown earthenware dish and the liquid was deliciously pink in the morning.RtP/015/017house-home shops-shoppinghowdon1920s
Home CuresI was given brown paper steeped in vinegar to cure my headache.RtP/033/018childhood healthother tyneside1920s
Home Front – Monkseaton in World War TwoGustav, our milkman, was a minesweeper sailor from Konigsberg.RtP/026/008childhood house-home transport working-lifewhitley-bay1940s
Home Life – Health – in the 1920s and 30sYou cleaned your teeth with salt. If you were going somewhere special you'd put a bit of soot in, to make the teeth sparkle.RtP/018/020healthother tyneside1920s 1930s
Home Life in Willington Quay and East HowdonA man would come with a big barrel full of vinegar and sell it by pouring you a pint.RtP/035/016childhood house-home my-life shops-shoppinghowdon willington1930s
Home Remedies and CuresWe had passed the fried mouse in a stew stage (a sure cure for bronchitis) by the 1930s.RtP/030/015healthother tyneside1930s
HospitalFor some unknown reason, we used to put flour on burns, which was horrendous, but that was the remedy at the time.RtP/017/001healthnorth-shields1950s 1990s
Hospital ExperiencesI remember being taken upstairs to the ward by "a woman" in a white coat, shouting as I went, "I hate you, I want my Mammy".RtP/028/001childhood healthseaton-burn1920s
Hot Cross Buns 1How could anyone make such a mess of the traditional hot cross bun?RtP/033/002celebrations-events my-lifeother tyneside1960s 1970s
Hot Cross Buns 2It was harder work than keeping the Christmas rush satisfied.RtP/032/005celebrations-events shops-shopping working-lifeother tyneside1950s 1960s 1970s
House shopsYou didn’t need a shopping bag.RtP/042/005shops-shoppingnewcastle-upon-tyne tynemouth1940s 1950s
House Shops (King Street)I can still remember the doorbell tinkle as you opened the door.RtP/042/020shops-shoppingnorth-shields1930s
How it Was in 1914Our Dad delivered milk, pushing a laden barrow round the local streets.RtP/021/017childhood working-lifeother1910s
How Many uses was the Penny Daily paper put to?It was a messy job but we got extra pocket money for it.RtP/037/004childhood house-homeother tyneside1930s
Howdon to Jarrow for Nowt!I had often used the old B.A. Gowan (that was the ferry's name).RtP/015/009childhood transport working-lifehowdon1930s
Hoy OotHoy your rusty coppers oot.RtP/037/010celebrations-events childhoodpercy-main1940s
Hoyin’ SkeullsThe “Hoyer” - The man who for the time being was throwing coins.RtP/031/010pastimes-entertainment working-lifebackworth holystone shiremoor wallsend1940s
Hunters the BakersThe wage was 12/- a week.RtP/043/004shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields1930s
I Delivered So Many BabiesBecause of my experience I worked at Tynemouth Infirmary. No hospital exam was necessary then.RtP/018/005health my-life wartime working-lifenorth-shields other1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
Illness and Remedies 1We always smelt of camphorated oil, no matter what time of year it was.RtP/016/018healthother tyneside1920s 1930s 1940s
Illness and Remedies 2There were only two kinds of ointment so you can see our treatment was very basic.RtP/016/003healthhowdon1920s
Illnesses and TreatmentsHe would try a medication, new on the market, Penicillin MB693 tablets.RtP/028/002childhood healthseaton-burn1920s
Inness’s Shop 1960Off we would go and buy ourselves a lovely hot OXO drinkRtP/040/010childhood shops-shopping transportnorth-shields percy-main1960s
Introducing the River TyneWhen it came to job satisfaction you were spoilt for choice!RtP/030/018working-lifetyneside1950s
Jane Alice and Willie – A Love for a LifetimeA trip to the movie theatre was a place for boys to meet girls and girls to meet boys - a place for relationships to begin that would last a lifetime.RtP/033/008celebrations-events house-home my-life pastimes-entertainment transport wartime working-lifeother whitley-bay1910s 1920s
Jane Lackenby (circa 1880-1970)Once Jane had a bit of money saved, she bought her mother a rocking chair. It cost 5/- and she carried it home over her head.RtP/020/009my-life working-lifenorth-shields1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
Jarpin Your EggsWe would eat the eggs no matter what state they were in.RtP/032/009celebrations-events childhood pastimes-entertainmenthowdon shiremoor tynemouth wallsend1930s 1940s
Jean’s Memories of the Rising Sun HospitalI walked all the way from Dockwray SquareRtP/044/015working-lifenorth-shields wallsend1970s 1980s
Jean’s Memories of WallsendOur family was ‘poor as pee’ but all I remember is having fun.RtP/010/011childhood wartime working-lifehowdon1940s
Joan’s Memories of Byker and WalkerIt was hard for families to make the decision about evacuating their childrenRtP/010/012childhood my-lifenewcastle-upon-tyne wallsend1940s 1950s
Jobs and FamilyElsie Wilkinson recalls work and family life in New York village in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.RtP/013/004celebrations-events house-home my-life wartime working-lifenew-york shiremoor1930s 1940s 1950s
John Falconar SlaterHe was often seen with his easel lashed to a rockRtP/023/018pastimes-entertainmentcullercoats1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s
Johnny Pie Hill (1960)We would have the likes of races on the hill.RtP/038/006childhoodnorth-shields1960s
Johnson’s Dairy, Percy MainI used to love to go out with the carts and then take the horses to their stablesRtP/011/006childhood house-home my-life working-lifepercy-main1930s 1940s
Joyce’s Day at the BeachI remember once my sister got lost and my father went to find her she came back but he didn’t so we went to find him and he was in front of the punch and Judy watching the show.RtP/014/009childhood my-lifetynemouth wallsend1930s 1940s
Judy’s Day at the BeachWe built sandcastles, got buried in the sand, and collected crabs – we took them back to the cottage but they always died.RtP/014/009childhood my-lifetynemouth wallsend1940s
Kathleen’s Day at the BeachI got lost lots of times. There was a lost children’s tent where you had to go.RtP/014/012childhood my-lifeshiremoor1930s 1940s
Kathleen’s Memories of Growing up in TottenhamI loved the Royal on the Tottenham High Road, it had a wonderful sprung floor and a revolving stage so you could have two bands performing in one evening.RtP/010/013childhood my-life pastimes-entertainment wartimeother1940s
Keeping CoolMy Dad made a refrigerator in the garden. He dug a big hole, tiled it round with slate tiles and put a lid on.RtP/019/008house-homenorth-shields1930s 1940s
Keeping Shop in West AllotmentWe had huge stocks of tinned food in the back shop - enough to feed the area for two weeks following any invasion.RtP/025/010shops-shopping wartimeshiremoor1930s
Kitty’s Day at the BeachWe always went to Cullercoats Bay when we were young because when the tide was in it was a very safe bay for bathing. But as we got older we used to find our way along to the Spanish City.RtP/014/013childhood my-lifecullercoats1920s 1930s
L.S.D.Gas was 1d in a slot machine which was collected every three months and you also got a rebate back.RtP/018/016shops-shoppingother1930s
Land Army DaysWhen we were threshing we had to tie the bottoms of our dungarees as the rats and mice were scurrying all over the place.RtP/022/017wartime working-lifenorthumberland1940s
Last Man at Swan Hunter’sI literally had to lock the doors and hand in the keysRtP/045/011local-history my-life transport working-lifeother wallsend1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s
Laying OutOne corner was lined from ceiling to floor with finely pleated white linenRtP/015/002celebrations-eventsnorth-shields1950s
Les’s Day at the BeachSometimes it was foggy down here and you would see people all dressed up and it was just thick fog but they still went and sat on the beach. Newcastle could be baking hot but by the time you got to the beach it could be misty and murky.RtP/014/014childhood my-lifecullercoats1950s 1960s
Life and DeathIt was 3/6d a visit in those days and one could always see the doctor.RtP/016/011healthhowdon1920s 1930s
Life in 1920s North ShieldsI remember a gramophone that had to be wound up to play records.RtP/024/018childhood house-home shops-shoppingnorth-shields1920s
Life in Cullercoats24th May, Queen's birthday, if you don't give us a holiday we'll all run away.RtP/024/013childhood pastimes-entertainment schooldays shops-shopping wartime working-lifecullercoats1930s 1940s
Life MemoriesMy mother and I were trapped in the cellar for 4 or 5 hoursRtP/043/008childhood health my-life schooldays transport wartime working-lifekillingworth newcastle-upon-tyne1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s
Light Industry on the Tyne in the 1960sThe whole factory workforce managed mixed measures.RtP/024/006working-lifehowdon1960s
Linskill Girls SchoolMiss Purdy would take a few of us girls to her home, to show us how tea should be taken.RtP/016/014schooldaysnorth-shields1950s
Linskill School BungalowIt dawned on me I was being trained to be a housewife.RtP/047/001buildings childhood schooldaysnorth-shields1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s
Linskill School Football Team 1963-4A photograph of one of the football teams at Linskill SchoolRtP/025/002pastimes-entertainment schooldaysnorth-shields1960s
Liquorice Root and Black BulletsHow many black bullets could we take from my father s jar before he noticed they’d gone?RtP/043/019childhoodnorth-shields1930s
Living and Working in North ShieldsThey fired the gun in Northumberland Square to welcome in the new yearRtP/042/001celebrations-events childhood pastimes-entertainment working-lifenorth-shields south-tyneside1920s 1930s 1940s
Living at Pearey House – David’s StoryIt’s a beautiful spot to sit in and you can hear the birds.RtP/049/010health my-lifeholystone north-shields other2010s 2020s
Living at Pearey House – Jonathan’s StoryI like that there’s help here if I needed it, but still being able to live completely independently.RtP/049/022community-life health holidays house-home interiors leisure my-life pastimes-entertainment shops-shoppingnorth-shields2010s 2020s
Living at Pearey House – Samantha’s StoryI’m really happy living hereRtP/049/035
Living at Pearey House – Jean and Joan’s StoryI think one of my highlights is lunch time, it is absolutely beautiful.RtP/049/020celebrations-events community-life games holidays house-home pastimes-entertainment transportcullercoats national north-shields2000s 2010s 2020s
Living at Pearey House – Susan and Craig’s StoryI met my husband at Pearey HouseRtP/049/037
Living in a Building SiteLongbenton was one big, muddy building site!RtP/029/005house-homelongbenton1950s
Living in Jesmond DeneKitty Brightwell’s memories of living in Jesmond Dene in the 1930sRtP/008/010childhood house-home wartimenewcastle-upon-tyne1930s
Living on the Fish QuayIt was a hard life for all of themRtP/052/008childhood house-home local-history working-lifenorth-shields1930s 1940s 1950s
Living on the fringes of Tyneside in the late 1930sAt night their six exhausts spouted blue flames, rather like a steam organ but more spectacular.RtP/021/007childhoodwhitley-bay1930s
Living Through the SlumpOne man in Crawford Place even built himself a motor launch in his garden.RtP/025/017house-home my-life pastimes-entertainment working-lifewhitley-bay1930s
Lloyds Sewer Pipe 1962This sewer pipe was just like shopping at Marks and Spencer’s – nothing but the best and all free.RtP/035/012childhoodnorth-shields1960s
Local Transport and WrecksSeveral times the trams had run away on Borough Bank and ended up in the cafe at the bottom.RtP/026/005childhood transport wartime working-lifecullercoats north-shields tynemouth whitley-bay1930s 1940s
Longbenton CarnivalA great success with over 700 people attending.RtP/029/001celebrations-eventslongbenton seaton-burn1990s
Longbenton in the 1930s and 1950sThere were only green fields between Four Lane Ends and West Moor.RtP/025/005house-homelongbenton1930s 1940s 1950s
Longbenton Methodist Church Foundation Stone Laying 1955Thirty-two commemorative stones were laid that day.RtP/028/019celebrations-eventslongbenton seaton-burn1940s 1950s
Longbenton Methodist Youth CentreA pioneer project, both locally and nationally.RtP/028/020celebrations-eventslongbenton1950s
Longbenton Shops 1950s and 1960sFriends visited specially so they could go to our shops.RtP/028/018shops-shoppinglongbenton1950s 1960s
Looking Back by a 90 Year OldThe soldiers came out for fresh air, dressed in their hospital pale blue garb and sat on the wall in Preston Road.RtP/019/010childhoodnorth-shields1910s
Looking for Something To DoRelieved, we escape our captivity and vowed never to go to the railway sidings, ever again.RtP/041/016childhoodnorth-shields1930s
Making Ends Meet 1Our neighbour next door kept rabbits and we’d swap a chicken for a Flemish Giant for a bit of variety.RtP/042/018childhood house-home shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields1940s
Making Ends Meet 2The biggest treat of all was when she bought a tin of pineapple.RtP/042/012childhood house-home my-life shops-shoppingnorth-shields percy-main1930s 1940s
Making Hooky/Clippy MatsMat making was an example of people pulling together during hard times. It drew families very close and gave us a real sense of togetherness.RtP/037/008childhood house-homepercy-main1940s
Making Paste EggsBrown eggs are a new invention.RtP/032/015celebrations-events childhood pastimes-entertainmentother tyneside1930s 1940s
Mam’s Fish Shop and the Fish QuayIt was a hive of activity and loads and loads of charactersRtP/050/011childhood local-history my-life shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
Mamie’s Memories of WallsendI've lived in the same house for over eighty years.RtP/010/014childhood schooldays shops-shopping working-lifelongbenton newcastle-upon-tyne wallsend1940s
Managing Pearey House – Helen’s StoryIt’s great, lovely environment, lovely people.RtP/049/015buildings celebrations-events community-life health holidays house-home leisure pastimes-entertainment shops-shopping transport working-lifekillingworth north-shields other tynemouth tyneside whitley-bay wideopen2000s 2010s 2020s
Mandy’s Day at the BeachThe war closed the seaside you just didn’t go down to the seaside it just wasn’t safe. When it first opened up again after the war it was busy.RtP/014/015childhood my-lifenorth-shields tynemouth1940s
Mangles, 1958A third time was not required most of the time as us kids used to put our full weight on the mangle rolling handle to get it to turn, often with your feet off the ground, bouncing like mad to get it to turn.RtP/039/002childhood house-homeother tyneside1950s
Marching as a FamilyMy grandma always bought the orangesRtP/048/008buildings celebrations-events childhood local-history musicnorth-shields1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Marching on Good Friday 1We always wore our new Easter finery for the event.RtP/032/004celebrations-events childhoodcullercoats north-shields shiremoor wallsend1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s
Marching on Good Friday 2At the end of the march we were all given an orange. We all felt we had done something good.RtP/037/011celebrations-events childhoodpercy-main1940s
Margaret the Fish LadyShe herself was spanking clean, as was her barrow.RtP/023/015shops-shopping working-lifebenton cullercoats1950s
Margaret’s Memories of WallsendMy grandmother never drank, but always carried a miniature bottle of brandy in her shopping bag for medicinal purposes.RtP/010/021childhood my-life working-lifewallsend1950s
Marriage and MotherhoodAbout a week before Dorothy was born, I was so big I couldn't get out of the seat until all the cinema patrons had left.RtP/016/015celebrations-eventshowdon1930s 1940s
Master Mariners Homes, TynemouthThis building has hardly changed since it was built in 1837RtP/044/012othernorth-shields tynemouth1970s
Matchbox Collecting 1958They would sometimes come in sets of say, animals or cars or motorbikesRtP/034/020childhood pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1950s
Maureen’s Day at the BeachIt was always sunny for some unknown reason it always wasRtP/014/016childhood my-lifecullercoats tynemouth whitley-bay1940s 1950s
Mauretania Maiden Voyage 1906Now, remember this, it’s very important.RtP/023/001childhood transportnorth-shields1900s
Meeting My HusbandI met my husband at the Prudhoe Street Mission.RtP/039/006my-lifenewcastle-upon-tyne1930s 1940s
Memories of a Wartime Wedding and HoneymoonIf you wanted early morning tea it was 6d (2.5p) per person and if you had meals served in your bedroom it was an extra 1/- (5p).RtP/038/019celebrations-events wartimeother1940s
Memories of an Air Raid Protection WardenUXB was written on pieces of paper, and two or three men went out before us and put them anywhere. We had to find them.RtP/017/020wartimenorth-shields1930s 1940s
Memories of Ann AlexanderI travelled quite often on the North/South Shields ferryRtP/044/008my-lifenorth-shields south-tyneside1940s
Memories of BlackberryingOf course your blackberries always had worms in when they were pickedRtP/041/002childhood house-homeother1930s 1940s
Memories of Castle ParkThe centrepiece was the Hall, a grand building for indoor games, paid for by the miners.RtP/027/016celebrations-events childhood pastimes-entertainmentshiremoor1950s
Memories of Childhood by Alan ConnonShortly after this period, whole families were summoned to the King Edward’s School to be fitted for gas masksRtP/009/009childhood schooldays wartimenorth-shields northumberland1930s 1940s
Memories of Christmas in the 1940sIf you are very, very naughty, all you will get for Christmas is a bag of cinders.RtP/021/011childhoodother1940s
Memories of Donald MitchinsonThe river at this time was bursting at the seams with ships carrying cargo or being repairedRtP/044/009childhood working-lifenorth-shields1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s
Memories of Forest HallOn Remembrance Day we used to march from the British Legion Club to Benton Church with the Cubs and Scouts.RtP/029/008celebrations-events childhood health house-home pastimes-entertainmentkillingworth1920s 1930s
Memories of Forest Hall 1930 — 1950The 'Institute' had a Reading Room library and a billiard room with two full-sized tables.RtP/030/002childhood pastimes-entertainmentkillingworth1930s 1940s 1950s
Memories of Forest Hall by Nancy McQueenParcels for the station, thrown from passing trains, sometimes missed and ended up in our garden!RtP/029/007childhood house-homekillingworth1920s
Memories of Frances CarrI heard an air raid siren which was based on the roof of the local Social Club.RtP/044/010childhood wartimenorth-shields other1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s
Memories of Gladstone AdamsIt was such a novelty to see a car in those days it was put into a car showroom window while he went to the match.RtP/022/002celebrations-events my-life transport wartime working-lifewhitley-bay1910s
Memories of Gordon Square, WallsendGod help those who left prams outside - well we had to have our bogie wheels!RtP/027/012childhood shops-shoppingwallsend1930s 1940s
Memories of IrisMy first recollection of WW2 is standing at the door with my mam watching the searchlightsRtP/044/011celebrations-events childhood wartimenorth-shields1920s 1930s 1940s
Memories of King Edward SchoolMr Murphy had an uncanny way of making teaching interesting so that you wanted to know more.RtP/041/012schooldaysnorth-shields1920s
Memories of LifeBefore he went to sea, my father was a midden man who emptied the netties, as the toilets were then called.RtP/018/006my-lifenorth-shields1910s
Memories of Life by Rene PhillipsAs I was the oldest girl at home after my sister married, I left school at 15 and had to stay at home to help our mother.RtP/018/007childhoodnorth-shields1930s 1940s
Memories of LongbentonI thought it was the countryside - it was all fields!RtP/025/003house-homelongbenton1950s
Memories of Low Row and Percy MainTimber yards, the prop yard and the river were the playgrounds of the children living there.RtP/022/003childhood house-home shops-shoppingpercy-main1930s
Memories of Margaret Pederson-Carlson (nee Nicholson)a larger than life lady who laughed a lot and knew lots of peopleRtP/040/015celebrations-events my-lifenorth-east tynemouth1910s 1920s
Memories of My Childhood – Playing and Entertainmentwe would go to the Prince of Wales pub for 3 o clock, waiting for the Trimmers coming out and ask “have you got any bait mister?”RtP/035/015childhood house-home my-life pastimes-entertainmenthowdon1930s
Memories of My First JobsA Whitley Bay resident remembers working as an apprentice tailor in the 1930s and 40sRtP/044/002my-life working-lifenewcastle-upon-tyne whitley-bay1930s 1940s
Memories of North Shields ShopsIf I wanted dresses I went to Bell Bros. or D Hill Carter, they were both nice shops.RtP/042/017childhood shops-shoppingnorth-shields1940s 1950s
Memories of Our Home in Forest HallThe big thing that we had that nobody else had was a Wendy House in the garden, which my dad madeRtP/053/003buildings childhood community-life games house-home interiors my-lifeforest-hall1960s 1970s
Memories of Pearey House – Alan’s Story 1I became the Chairman of the society, which was a great honour and privilegeRtP/049/003buildings celebrations-events childhood health my-lifenorth-shields north-tyneside tynemouth1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Memories of Pearey House – Alan’s Story 2I was just hoping that I was giving them back something that they have given me.RtP/049/004buildings celebrations-events childhood health my-lifenorth-shields north-tyneside tynemouth1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Memories of Pearey House – Arthur’s StoryMrs McQueen was like an angel really.RtP/049/006buildings celebrations-events childhood health holidays my-life pastimes-entertainment schooldaysnational north-shields north-tyneside northumberland percy-main tynemouth1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2010s 2020s
Memories of Pearey House – Carole’s StoryI look back on my forty odd years of working and volunteering at Pearey House with fondness.RtP/049/008buildings celebrations-events community-life health house-home pastimes-entertainment working-lifehowdon new-york north-shields north-tyneside tynemouth1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s
Memories of Pearey House – Eric’s StoryJust keeping the thing going, I think, was the greatest achievement of everybodyRtP/049/012buildings celebrations-events health local-history othernorth-shields north-tyneside tynemouth1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Memories of Pearey House – Joyce and Margaret’s StoryThey are the most outgoing people really, I feel really honoured when I go there.RtP/049/024community-life health holidays leisure pastimes-entertainment transportnorth-shields whitley-bay2010s 2020s
Memories of Pearey House – Ken’s StoryThere was a service there for people who needed it whether it’s coming along for a cup of tea or a bite to eat and a chat.RtP/049/026buildings health my-lifenorth-shields north-tyneside1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s
Memories of Pearey House – Marjorie’s StoryI was the Entertainment Officer.RtP/049/028buildings celebrations-events community-life health local-history working-lifedurham killingworth north-shields tynemouth wallsend whitley-bay1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Memories of Scaffold Hill Isolation HospitalThey brought a bowl of water to your bed every day so you could get washedRtP/044/016childhood healthwallsend1930s
Memories of SchoolOur work, our thoughts, our leisure, our lives must ordered be, That each brings its full measure of honour to Q VRtP/016/005schooldaysnorth-shields1910s
Memories of ShoppingEvery quarter of the financial year subscribers could look forward to collecting what was known as the dividend.RtP/043/002shops-shoppingnorth-shields1940s
Memories of Smith’s DocksMy greatest memory is the sound of the slipway.RtP/045/017health local-history my-life transport working-lifenorth-shields1960s 1970s
Memories of St Joseph’s Primary School, Chirton, North Shields, 1956 – 1962My childhood was an idyllic one and St. Joseph’s played a major part in this.RtP/044/013celebrations-events childhood house-home my-life schooldaysnewcastle-upon-tyne north-shields1950s
Memories of the ATSA Whitley Bay resident recalls her time in the ATS during World War II.RtP/044/003my-life wartimenewcastle-upon-tyne whitley-bay1940s
Memories of the Sampson FamilyI was seven years old on September 3rd 1939, the very day that Britain, and my mother, declared war on Adolf Hitler!RtP/025/014childhood shops-shopping transport wartime working-lifenorth-shields1930s
Memories of Trinity Street, North ShieldsYou could say we were a bit overcrowded.RtP/022/013childhood house-homenorth-shields1920s
Memories of WallsendThe teachers were shocked that one of their girls was singing a song that had such ‘suggestive’ words! We just thought it was a great song.RtP/010/017my-life pastimes-entertainment schooldaysnewcastle-upon-tyne wallsend1930s
Memories of West FarmIt was so clean that Newcastle University made a study of his methodsRtP/015/003childhoodwallsend1930s
Memories of Working Life by Alan ConnonAfter about a week a pretty usherette approached me and asked was I the new person working with FredRtP/009/012celebrations-events my-life working-lifenorth-shields1950s
Meter Man (1957)Champion, Dad’s got a smile on his face a mile wide, so he must have got a good rebate.RtP/038/007house-homenorth-shields1950s
Michael’s Memories of WallsendWhen the bath was out the cleanest (least dirty) members of the family got bathed first, leaving grandad to get in last, with all his coal dirt.RtP/010/015childhood pastimes-entertainment shops-shoppingtynemouth wallsend1960s
Minnie BeckJust up from Whitehill Point coal staithes, There stood a small public houseRtP/029/017pastimes-entertainment working-lifepercy-main1950s
MischiefWe were cut off by the seaRtP/034/001childhoodcullercoats whitley-bay1920s
Miss Edwina Chatt, Teacher at Murton SchoolShe has been there for hundreds of years and she will be there for hundreds of years yet.RtP/021/008childhood schooldays working-lifeshiremoor1950s 1960s 1970s
Miss Laverick, Western Board School (1955)When it came to our dancing lessons, Miss Laverick was certainly one of the best, She was the John Travolta of her day, Knocking spots of all of the restRtP/030/007pastimes-entertainment schooldaysnorth-shields1950s
Miss Mutter, 1959You always felt that she was muttering those immortal words, “one to me, lads!”RtP/040/012childhoodnorth-shields1950s
Mood MusicWe enjoyed most I think dancing at the Covent Garden Opera House - they didn’t do operas during World War Two so they turned it into a dance hall.RtP/008/008pastimes-entertainment wartimeother1940s
More About Life in National ServiceI can still remember to this day the smell of the tobacco released from a freshly opened tinRtP/036/013wartimeother1950s
More Memories by Alan ConnonThe troop ship continues on its way across the azure blue of the Mediterranean to my destination Port Said.RtP/009/010my-life wartime working-lifeother1940s
More Odes to Golf and FriendshipThe Two Ronnies and me (Lex) met at infant school in Percy Main Primary School in 1941 and we now play golf together every week. Here are a couple of verses about their style of play.RtP/040/014childhood pastimes-entertainmentother1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
MotherYour Mother was Always CookingRtP/039/007my-lifeother1920s
Mothers were Soldiers TooYou went along to the dairy and bought your milk from the churnRtP/042/004shops-shopping wartimenorth-shields1940s
Moving HouseThese new houses were going to have water inside and, unbelievably, a bathroom!RtP/024/019house-homenorth-shields1930s
Moving OnClosure of Saville Street Police StationRtP/039/021my-lifenorth-shields1970s
Moving to LongbentonParson's Estate.RtP/025/004house-homelongbenton1950s
Mr Hanks, BookmakerMy dad believed in place betting each way so if a horse came in second or third you got a bit backRtP/039/014childhood pastimes-entertainmentpercy-main1950s
Mrs Burns 1957You could say Mrs Burns was a blessing in disguiseRtP/038/002house-homenorth-shields1950s
Murton Council School (1934-1941)I lived down the lane and was in the schoolyard first every morning, usually out of the house by 8.30 am.RtP/020/005schooldaysshiremoor1930s 1940s
Murton Elementary School 1948I used to take 4d to buy soup and a sweet at the British Legion Canteen which was opposite the school.RtP/029/019celebrations-events pastimes-entertainment schooldaysnorth-shields shiremoor1940s
Music in North ShieldsI became an Associate of the London College of Music and taught piano locally until I was 84 years old.RtP/023/003childhood pastimes-entertainment shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields1920s 1930s
Musings of a Wooden DollyI stand there in Northumberland Square, looking at the harbour viewRtP/029/014my-lifenorth-shields1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
MV LedaThe tale of a ship of the TyneRtP/030/004celebrations-events transport working-lifehowdon north-shields1950s
MV StonepoolWe heard a massive booming and the vessel shuddered.RtP/024/005transport working-lifewallsend1960s
My Brother HowardIf he missed the train (which he often did) he would come back from the station and incredibly get back into bed for half an hourRtP/011/012childhood house-home working-lifepercy-main1940s
My Early Life in Percy MainMy earliest recollection of my dad was that he seemed to be permanently in his overalls. I think he must have worked very long hours and was just too tired to change.RtP/011/005childhood house-home my-life pastimes-entertainmentpercy-main1930s 1940s
My FamilyWe lived for the pictures. We would go three or four times a week, sometimes twice on Monday.RtP/018/011my-lifenorth-shields1920s 1930s 1940s
My Family and FishingMy dad used to say, "Fishing is in the blood."RtP/052/012local-history my-life other working-lifenational north-shields northumberland other1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
My Family and the HerringThey had to do like 50-60 fish a minute and that was nothing to themRtP/052/014childhood local-history my-life national-history working-lifenational north-shields1900s 1910s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s
My Family in the ShipyardsThe day HMS Kelly limped up the river.RtP/045/012childhood local-history other royal-family transport wartime working-lifewallsend1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
My FatherHe had the proverbial green fingers.RtP/008/017childhood house-home working-lifenewcastle-upon-tyne1920s
My Father, Henry Baker (1849 – 1930)When I was seven my father put me in the breeches buoy, put his jacket over me in case I was splashed, and they pulled me ashore.RtP/023/002my-life schooldays working-lifenorth-shields1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s
My Father, The Early YearsThe first showing of these films was on a white bed sheet propped up at the bottom of the yardRtP/043/007childhood house-home my-life pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1930s
My Father’s Taxi BusinessA Whitley Bay lady talks about her father’s experiences as a taxi driver during the 1920s and 30s.RtP/044/005transport working-lifewhitley-bay1920s 1930s
My First Day at WorkI come down the King’s Head stairs, and there at the bottom of the stairs is Walter Offord’s – a fish merchant at the place I’m going to work.RtP/044/001my-life working-lifenorth-shields1970s
My First HomeA Whitley Bay resident recalls when she first moved into her home with her husband and baby in 1947.RtP/044/004house-home my-lifewhitley-bay1940s
My First JobsI had to clean everyone's shoes and put them in the monk's bench in the hall, and they had to be absolutely parallel.RtP/016/012working-lifewest-monkseaton whitley-bay1930s
My First MemoriesIt could have been the R101RtP/033/012childhoodnorth-shields1920s
My First Memory of a Christmas MorningMy first memory was of a Christmas morning, possibly my fourth yearRtP/033/011celebrations-events childhoodwhitley-bay1920s
My Fishing HeritageI am a fifth generation fishermanRtP/052/016childhood local-history my-life national-history working-lifenational north-shields1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s
My Great Aunt JaneA woman of her time hardworking and independent. I used to wonder why she had never married again.RtP/008/016childhood wartime working-lifenewcastle-upon-tyne1910s
My Job at George AngusThe sickening strong smell of Trichloroethylene could make you feel dizzy. We found out later that the fumes could be dangerous.RtP/009/006working-lifenorth-shields1950s
My Life at SeaDeckie at 16 was a big achievement in them daysRtP/052/018health my-life working-lifeinternational north-shields other1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
My Life in the Regular ArmyHere I was, the year 1958, a boy in man’s boots doing guard patrols on the Russian BorderRtP/033/0my-life working-lifeother shiremoor1950s 1960s
My Memories 1When we moved house we felt posh with running water from the scullery, electric light and a gas stove for cooking.RtP/018/009my-lifenorth-shields1930s 1940s
My Memories 2I went to Queen Victoria School. We lived next door to the school so when I heard the bell I had to run.RtP/018/008my-lifenorth-shields1920s 1930s 1940s
My Memories of D-DayWe were cycle troops, pedalling inland to secure a site.RtP/029/009wartimeother1940s
My Mother was a Herring GirlA Shetland girl would always have their knitting to handRtP/052/004leisure local-history national-history transport wartime working-lifenational north-shields1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
My Mother, the Mat MakerShe loved making colourful patterns and dying rags to help out the usual dark clippings from men's serge suits.RtP/023/006house-homeshiremoor1930s 1940s
My Nana"Oh, there's plenty of time for sleep when you're laid out", she'd say.RtP/024/008childhood health working-lifenorth-shields1920s
My Smith’s ApprenticeshipI had a week’s holiday from school, then went straight into the yards.RtP/045/018health local-history my-life transport working-lifenorth-shields other wallsend1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
My Time at Tynemouth Cricket ClubIn 1930 we played in the Tyneside Senior League and had a reputation for encouraging young, talented players.RtP/018/018pastimes-entertainmenttynemouth1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
My Time in KhartoumThe barracks were glorified mud huts, made with a combination of rubble, straw, soil and camel dung.RtP/009/002my-life wartimeother1940s
My Very First JobI was assigned to the toilet department and had appalling visions of being surrounded by mountains of toilet rolls.RtP/016/004shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields1950s
Nancy’s Memories of Growing up and Going to WorkI was asked if I wanted to go to the Empress Ballroom in Whitley Bay, to run the bar there. I did and I chose my own staff to work with me.RtP/010/016childhood working-lifenewcastle-upon-tyne south-tyneside whitley-bay1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
National Service in EgyptIn Egypt the camp had three large search lights and around the perimeter fence were forty dugouts with a guard in each one.RtP/036/014wartimeother1950s
National Service in GermanyAnything that stayed still got painted whiteRtP/036/017wartimeother1950s
National Service in the Far EastWe were hanging on to an empire, they were fighting for independenceRtP/036/015wartimeother1950s
National Service MemoriesEverything had to be immaculate for “kit inspection”.RtP/036/012wartimeother1950s
Neighbourly NostalgiaAs soon as the toilets moved inside and everyone got automatic washers, there was nothing to go outside for anymore.RtP/017/002house-homenorth-shields1930s
Never Parted“You know that lad, he wants to meet you”, but I said, “I don’t know him!”RtP/039/008tyneside1930s 1940s
Newsteads FarmI would go with Dad for foddering time. I was allowed to walk under the bellies of the 'Gentle Giants' and help feed them.RtP/018/003my-lifeearsdon monkseaton west-monkseaton whitley-bay1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s
Night SchoolI travelled to night school on the old fashioned buses, with the driver up in the cab on his own.RtP/016/020working-lifelongbenton north-shields1950s
Nit Nurse (1957)No matter how clean your hair was, the dragon had magic fingers and eyes like a hawk, because she always found some stragglersRtP/038/011childhood healthother1950s
No Credit ControlMy mother had lost all her money and the coat too!RtP/024/010shops-shoppingnorth-shields1920s
North Sea StormsIt looked like a peaceful day, Not a cloud in the whole sky, So when the fishing boats came into port, Everyone started to wonder whyRtP/029/012working-lifenorth-shields1970s
North Shields 81 Years AgoWhen there was a ship in distress a rocket was fired and the men had to stop what they were doing and rush to the brigade house.RtP/021/004childhoodnorth-shields1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s
North Shields Co-op 1920sThe Tale of the Mongoose.RtP/029/020shops-shoppingnorth-shields1920s
North Shields Fish QuayIn the early days they did not weigh the fish and you had to be able to judge the weight and quality before deciding a price.RtP/020/003childhood working-lifenorth-shields1930s 1940s
North Shields Shops Pre-Beacon CentreHow Many Can You Remember?RtP/042/014shops-shoppingnorth-shields1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Northumberland DockWe loved fishing from the staithes, tying large cod heads to a length of string, leaving them on the bottom for a time and then pulling them up to see if you had any crabs clinging to them.RtP/011/008childhoodpercy-main1940s
Not Even ChristmasA short story by Robert ScottRtP/041/004childhood wartimenorth-east1940s
NursingThe training was hard, with a 57 hour week, a half day off once a fortnight, all for £7. 9 shillings a month.RtP/018/012working-lifenorth-shields1950s 1960s
Oh, Happy DaysShe was dressed all in black, quite frightening to us, but it never put us off buying her toffee.RtP/022/016childhood house-home pastimes-entertainment schooldaysnewcastle-upon-tyne1930s
Old Newspapers, 1958In return for the newspapers, we got a massive bag of fresh cooked chipsRtP/036/019childhood house-homenorth-shields1950s
Old North ShieldsShops with every type of wine, Welch's and Maynards for toffee, Boots the Chemist, and opposite, Williamson & Hogg who roasted coffee.RtP/022/006my-life shops-shoppingnorth-shields1920s
Old Remedies 1Poultices on boils - hot bread or onion and sugar.RtP/031/003healthother1960s
Old Remedies 2Fennings Fever Cure was like drinking poison!RtP/030/005healthother1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
Olive Thompson’s MemoriesDuring the air raids, we used to use the culvertRtP/044/007my-lifenewcastle-upon-tyne1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s
Olive’s Day at the BeachOne year my father decided to bring a caravan over to the North East and the first port of call was up near St Mary’s Island. To me as a small child, about 6 or 7, the sea was wilder.RtP/014/017childhood my-lifewhitley-bay1930s 1940s
On Being a GrandmaI have a snapshot of myself, looking so smug you would think I had produced her myself.RtP/019/005my-lifeother1970s
On the BeachWe must have been fit, running back and forth along the beach all dayRtP/034/011childhood pastimes-entertainmentwhitley-bay1930s
Onward Christian Soldier“Right lads, give it plenty of wind. There’s the Boys Brigade, lets give them what for…Onward Christian Soldiers”.RtP/038/003celebrations-events childhood my-lifenorth-shields1940s
Open Air SchoolWe had to carry our desks outside, even in winter. We used pencils because the ink used to freeze.RtP/015/014health schooldaysother1930s
Our House in West AllotmentWomen were hooked on cleaning - there was plenty of it.RtP/025/008childhood house-homeshiremoor west-allotment1930s
Our Posh Dinner 1956It was delicious and you felt on top of the worldRtP/035/008childhood house-home pastimes-entertainmenttynemouth1950s
Out of SchoolWe played Tarzan and Jane and swung through the bushesRtP/034/002childhood pastimes-entertainmenthowdon wallsend1940s
Outbreak of World War TwoMy father wasn't impressed - he was busy with the roses in the front garden.RtP/026/009house-home wartimewhitley-bay1930s 1940s
Outcome of an Informal ChatThere were vague memories of a dentist living in the big house near the Hall, with a caravan in the garden which he used as a surgery.RtP/030/003my-life shops-shoppingkillingworth1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
Painting for BeginnersIn her delightful accent, one child said to the other, "come here now Mhari - don't disturb the wee man - he's a real artist".RtP/021/005pastimes-entertainmentnorth-east1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Pancakes in a PigstyShe found four happy children covered in mud and also the walls and ceiling of the sty had been redecorated in mud.RtP/034/013childhood pastimes-entertainmentnorthumberland1930s
Paste Eggs and RationingHow special was a paste egg!RtP/032/014celebrations-events childhood pastimes-entertainmentshiremoor1940s
Peace PartiesI was getting married that year, so I wasn’t really bothered about the war!RtP/039/005wartimegateshead1940s
Pearey House – Activities and OutreachI just love seeing people enjoy themselves.RtP/049/016celebrations-events community-life health holidays house-home pastimes-entertainment shops-shopping transport working-lifenorth-shields north-tyneside other2000s 2010s 2020s
Pearey House – Managing ChangeIt’s great, lovely environment, lovely people.RtP/049/017buildings health interiors leisure working-lifenorth-shields north-tyneside tynemouth2000s 2010s 2020s
Pearey House – The Challenges of Covid and Cost of LivingWe are very lucky that we have got good support.RtP/049/018buildings health leisure local-history national-history shops-shopping transport working-lifekillingworth north-shields north-tyneside wallsend whitley-bay wideopen2020s
Peg Racing 1957Sometimes, just for a bit extra fun, we would bet a marble on each race.RtP/033/006childhood pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1950s
Peggy’s Memories of WallsendI was a Ward Maid in a couple of local hospitals. Most of the cleaning was done on hands and knees, but we did have one machine, called ‘The Dummy’, which cleaned the floors – that made life easier!RtP/010/018childhood wartime working-lifeother wallsend1940s 1950s 1960s
Peggy’s Day at the BeachWe’d go down wearing a swimsuit. The knitted ones were terrible once you got into the water they were just around your ankles.RtP/014/018childhood my-lifecullercoats tynemouth whitley-bay1930s 1940s
People in MonkseatonHe built a model Mississippi paddle steamer in his garage workshop.RtP/026/002my-lifemonkseaton shiremoor west-monkseaton whitley-bay1920s 1930s 1940s
Percy Main Boys and Girls ClubA lot of boys and girls spend many happy nights in the Club doing all manner of activitiesRtP/011/003childhoodpercy-main1940s
Percy Main Coal Trains 1957The coal trucks ran from Percy Main, Along and down to the Commissioners Quay, Bashing and crashing, jumping to and fro, It was a fun ride for more than just meRtP/029/011childhoodpercy-main1950s
Percy Main Council SchoolWe loved to play in there but there was a hazard in the shape of ‘Old Bill’RtP/011/002schooldayspercy-main1940s
Percy Main Engine Sheds (1957)The old steam engine sheds, Were just up the road at Percy Main, They were a good playground for us, But the engine lads called us more than a painRtP/027/009childhood transport working-lifepercy-main1950s
Percy Main to Jarrow Ferry 1961Many a time we got a lift either one way or the otherRtP/041/001childhood transportpercy-main south-tyneside1960s
Percy Main’s CharactersThe village had its share of wonderful characters, here are some recollections about a few of themRtP/011/011childhood my-lifepercy-main1940s
Peter Thompson – FundraisingChristmas and Summer FairsRtP/049/031celebrations-events community-life healthnorth-shields north-tyneside1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s
Peter Thompson – Pearey House TreasurerI always made sure there was sufficient reserves.RtP/049/033buildings community-life healthnorth-shields north-tyneside1960s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Peter Thompson – Family ConnectionWe had a big family connection to Pearey House.RtP/049/030buildings community-life local-history working-lifenorth-shields north-tyneside tynemouth1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Peter Thompson – Pearey House FlatsThere was a big decision whether to demolish or rebuild the flats.RtP/049/032buildings community-life healthnorth-shields north-tyneside1960s 1990s
Pictures On My MindAnother happy playground I would visit was called Harbottle’s Field.RtP/009/008childhood schooldaysnorth-shields1930s 1940s
Pocket MoneySweets were wrapped in a square of newspaper which was rolled into a funnel.RtP/019/009childhoodtyneside1920s 1930s 1940s
Police Transport, 1969A diversity of roles and requirementsRtP/040/001my-life transport working-lifenorth-shields tynemouth1960s
Poss Tubs and ManglesWhen the coalman came you had to run out and take all the washing back in again.RtP/019/017house-home schooldaystyneside1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
Pre-War Percy Main ShopsIf I only had tuppence ha’penny I would only be given two and a half cigarettes.RtP/042/016childhood shops-shoppingpercy-main1920s 1930s
Preparing for WarWeeds were cleared off the quays and slipways, tools were unpacked and sharpened.RtP/026/004wartime working-lifenorth-shields tynemouth1930s
Public Baths, North ShieldsI eventually learned to swim in the Suez CanalRtP/043/006childhood my-lifenorth-shields1930s
Putting on a ShowI don't know where the fireplace isRtP/023/004pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1940s 1950s
Putting on the StyleI then let down the hem of my evening skirt, which had been pinned up clear of the bicycle chain with safety pins.RtP/024/004pastimes-entertainmenttynemouth whitley-bay1940s
Putting the Old Tank to BedThe smell of burning coal and oil and the noise of the roaring engine will be with me foreverRtP/035/005childhood my-life transport working-lifekillingworth shiremoor1950s 1960s 1970s
Railway Stations 1958The waiting room it was great, just like entering a toaster as the fire was blazing awayRtP/041/009childhoodnorth-shields percy-main tynemouth1950s
Reading 1I don't remember when I first learnt to read. I do know it has been a lifetime passionRtP/034/009childhood pastimes-entertainmentwallsend1930s
Reading 2I wish I still had a book called ‘King of the Golden River’RtP/034/008childhood pastimes-entertainmentwhitley-bay1930s
Registrar’s Office at Swan Hunter’sThe big change came in 1966 when the firm acquired a computer. It was a huge machine and a special room had to be prepared.RtP/018/010working-lifewallsend1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s
Remembering Chirton ShopsThe dairyman took his horse and cart every morning to North Shields Railway Station to collect the churns of fresh milkRtP/042/007shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
RemembranceAt 11 am the guns sound the start of the two minutes silence.RtP/008/005wartimeother1990s 2000s 2010s
Rena’s Memories of WallsendWe always got dressed up to go dancing, in a long dress and with either silver or gold shoes.RtP/010/019childhood pastimes-entertainment schooldaysnorth-shields wallsend1920s 1930s
Renee’s Day at the BeachWe swam in the sea always there but you get used to it you see you warm up. We didn’t really play games. We used to bathe.RtP/014/019childhood my-lifetyneside1930s 1940s
Ria’s Story of the Second World WarI used to carry the cot into the shelter, also the insurance policies and three babies bottles wrapped in blankets.RtP/016/017wartimenorth-shields1940s
River Tyne FoyboatsAs a ship comes into the river, A foyboat man will then hook on, His job will never ever differ, For the mooring ropes he will donRtP/026/017transport working-lifetyneside1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
Roof Snow Slides 1960It was like an avalanche!RtP/041/011childhoodtyneside1960s
Round and About in MonkseatonAmazingly, the front end of a number 17 double-decker bus was down a big hole in the road.RtP/026/007house-home my-lifemonkseaton whitley-bay1930s 1940s
Rudi the Demon BarberAs barbers go, Rudi was irresistible to us teenagers.RtP/026/007childhood shops-shopping wartime working-lifedurham north-shields1940s 1950s 1960s
Salliers, 1960Q: What are salliers? A: The waves of a passing ship, tug or boat etc.,RtP/040/019childhoodnorth-shields1960s
Sarah Joyce’s Day at the BeachMen wore suit and tie and polished shoes to go on the beach women got all dressed up too.RtP/014/010childhood my-lifetynemouth whitley-bay1920s 1930s
Saturday – Best Day of The WeekWhy? Going to "the threepenny squash" picture house.RtP/021/009childhood pastimes-entertainmentwhitley-bay1940s
Saturday Afternoons in NewcastleA very careful calculation went into this trip.RtP/027/004childhood house-home pastimes-entertainment shops-shopping transportwallsend1960s
Scarlett Fever in AnnitsfordThe isolation hospital was at Scaffold Hill, near Palmersville.RtP/027/020childhood healthseaton-burn1920s
School 1I was always in the top section of the class and passed my eleven plus when the time cameRtP/033/017schooldaysnorth-shields1920s
School 2I spent a happy time there in the infants and senior school.RtP/033/015childhood schooldayswhitley-bay1920s
School 3It hurt more than getting the cane.RtP/033/016schooldaysnorthumberland whitley-bay1920s
School Christmas Party 1930When the party was over, we were each given a little bag containing an apple and an orange.RtP/036/011celebrations-events childhood schooldaystynemouth1930s
School Days 1At Hawkey's Lane pool we would have a lesson in the freezing cold water, after the leaves had been scooped off the surfaceRtP/015/012schooldaysnorth-shields1950s 1960s
School Days 2We didn't write with pen and paper, we had sand trays and used to use our forefinger to write the wordsRtP/015/016schooldayshowdon1920s
School Days 3In the 70s, corporal punishment was allowed, and I was 'sentenced' to two belts from a large leather strap.RtP/019/006schooldaystyneside1970s
School Days 4Sometimes I would run to school and use the bus fare to buy sweets or broken biscuits at Kidd's shop.RtP/017/006schooldayswallsend1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
School Life"Mother, I've been put down into 2b." So she said, "well work your way up".RtP/022/020schooldaysnorth-shields1910s
School Memories in New YorkElsie Wilkinson recalls her schooldays and teachers in New York villageRtP/013/001childhood my-life schooldaysnew-york1920s 1930s
School Needles 1957Now I could be wrong, but the nurse would shove that needle in with all her might and half the time you thought she was using a spear.RtP/039/001health schooldaysnorth-shields1950s
Schools in the 1960s and 70sOur 'made-up' chant at sports events was "Western - the best 'un!RtP/020/004schooldaysnorth-shields1960s 1970s
scottish visitorsLiving in Longbenton in the 1950s.RtP/025/009house-home my-lifelongbenton1950s
Scottish Visitors to Whitley BayFamilies gave up their comfortable beds, consigning themselves to camp beds and put you ups in the back kitchen.RtP/020/010childhood pastimes-entertainmentwhitley-bay1950s
Seeing Airship R101, October 1930We heard the drone of the engines first, coming from the sky.RtP/025/016celebrations-events childhood transportwhitley-bay1930s
Selling Papers (1962)I was lucky enough to land a job selling both the Chronicle and Gazette papers for a man called Johnny.RtP/038/008childhood working-lifenorth-shields1960s
Shipping Cars Through Albert Edward DockReflecting on a time of change for the Albert Edward DockRtP/043/009working-lifenorth-shields1990s 2000s 2010s
Shiremoor County Modern School 1948 – 1952We had a Cinema Club, although I seem to remember that most of the films were Laurel and Hardy.RtP/017/009schooldaysshiremoor1940s 1950s
Shop AssistantAfter the sales, we were drafted upstairs to dust the fixtures. With turbans on our heads, what a laugh we had.RtP/018/017shops-shopping working-lifenewcastle-upon-tyne1940s 1950s 1960s
Shop WorkerI worked for Bell BrothersRtP/043/001shops-shoppingnorth-shields1940s
ShoppingYou could stand for ages watching all the containers whizzing from different parts of the shop, high up to the cash office.RtP/017/010shops-shoppingnorth-shields1950s 1960s
Shopping and Running the HomeIn went the brown paper parcel, eggs on top. To my horror, they slipped down and were all broken and dripping from the bag.RtP/015/018house-home shops-shoppinghowdon1920s
Shopping and Shop WindowsEllen thought that when she went to the corner shop on the corner of Rudyerd Street for her mother that the shopping she got was free!RtP/043/003shops-shoppingnorth-shields1930s
Shopping at the Co-opThere was a wire to cut the cheese and a slicing machine for the baconRtP/042/003childhood shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields1930s 1940s 1950s
Shopping in Forest HallThe goods were delivered on Thursday or Friday, beautifully wrapped in parcels with brown paper and stringRtP/023/014shops-shoppingforest-hall1950s
Shopping in North Shields as a Child in the 1940sI used to do shopping for other people, and I’d get a 1d ‘for going’.RtP/042/010childhood house-home shops-shoppingnorth-shields1940s
Shopping in North Shields in the 1930sOn the way home I would have a peas pudding dip and my mam and dad would have a pork sandwich each.RtP/042/009childhood shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields1930s 1940s
Shops and Farms in New York VillageElsie Wilkinson recalls New York village in the first half of the 20th century as a thriving busy place with many shops and farms.RtP/013/003shops-shopping working-lifenew-york1920s 1930s 1940s
Shops in Saville Street and Bedford Street, North ShieldsT Archer Lee must have dressed half of Shields in its time.RtP/042/008shops-shopping wartimenorth-shields1940s
Shops in the Old Part of BentonThe baker bought ingredients for his gorgeous pasties from the local butcher and greengrocer.RtP/023/016shops-shoppingbenton1950s
Short’s Scrapyard, North Shields 1957The place was more than likely lousy with fleas - but you never gave it a thoughtRtP/032/020childhood working-lifenorth-shields1950s
Sing-Songs in our HouseThe best player was Lottie Fleetwood, she would pound out the songs and we would all sing along.RtP/037/009childhood pastimes-entertainmentpercy-main1940s
Sledges, 1960We would have races and snowball fights and all things like thisRtP/040/017childhood pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1960s
Sleeping ArrangementsI shared a double bed with my sister, who was seven years older than me and she took a very dim view of the new arrangements.RtP/020/015house-home working-lifenew-york1930s
Smith’s Dock’s Apprentices, 1958In these days the first year of an apprenticeship was being a ‘go-for’. You go for this and you go for that no matter who your dad was. Often on a Friday, you would see four or six of the Docks’ apprentices heading up the street with their Hessian sacksRtP/037/020working-lifenorth-shields1950s
Smith’s Dock’s Clock 1958I do not think that clock ever stopped or lost timeRtP/037/019my-life working-lifenorth-shields1950s
Smith’s Docks Co. Ltd. (1977)Sometimes the ships would be two or three deep alongside the quayRtP/033/003transport working-lifenorth-shields1950s 1960s 1970s
Smoke ScreenersA unit that created smoke so that enemy aircraft couldn’t easily target the shipyardsRtP/044/019childhood wartimetynemouth wallsend1940s
Snow Shovelling 1957Once up and ready off we would go with two borrowed shovels and a brush to start our front door cleaning.RtP/028/012childhood house-home shops-shoppingnorth-shields1950s
Some North Shields PubsAs the saying goes, here today and gone tomorrow!RtP/031/015pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1950s
Some Thoughts on Father’s DayTheir marriage was re-arranged to the Friday because the foot handicap finals were held the next day.RtP/024/007celebrations-events childhood pastimes-entertainmentkillingworth1920s
Song of the TyneAs the hooters died down, the noises of the shipyard took their place: the clang of steel upon steel...RtP/015/007working-lifewallsend1930s
Sprat Fighting 1957There used to be tons upon tons of sprats swimming up and down the river thenRtP/035/002childhood house-homenorth-shields1950s
Spuds 1957Spuds was a nickname for holes in your socks around these times.RtP/035/020childhoodnorth-shields1950s
St Columba’s Church H.A.N.D.S. Ladies and Pearey HouseOn the day of the Féte, cars were loaded with scones, cakes, crockery, cutlery, folding tables and anything else needed.RtP/049/013celebrations-events community-lifenorth-shields1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s
St CuthbertSt Cuthbert's (North Shields) Catholic Church football team.RtP/025/001pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1920s
St John’s Ambulance Brigade in the mid-1930sIt was extremely strict. The length of your dress was measured with your shoes on, and it had to have so many pleats round.RtP/017/011pastimes-entertainmentwallsend1930s
St MatthewThe cost for the corrugated structure was £260.RtP/024/003celebrations-eventspercy-main shiremoor1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s
Sticky Jim’sOne day we thought we would get some ‘slabs’ and sell them uncut from the shop, I think our venture only lasted a couple of days and we only made a few bob.RtP/039/015childhood working-lifepercy-main1940s
Stilts, 1958Great fun that cost us nothing.RtP/036/002childhoodnorth-shields percy-main1950s
Street SceneA blast on the bugle heralded the arrival of the ragmanRtP/025/007childhood house-hometyneside1930s
Sunday DinnerSometimes it was an effort to eat it all but being three healthy growing lads, we always gave it a damn good try.RtP/039/012childhood house-homepercy-main1940s
Sunday Morning September 3rd 1939All our lives were changed that morningRtP/008/018wartimenewcastle-upon-tyne1930s
Sunday SchoolNow and again they would give us an apple and an orange. At Christmas you got nuts as well. The girls got a rag doll too.RtP/018/019childhoodnorth-shields1930s 1940s 1950s
Sunday School and Early Church in LongbentonThe new church was open in time for Easter Sunday 1956.RtP/028/016celebrations-events childhoodlongbenton seaton-burn1950s
Sunday School in Percy MainPercy Main was a close-knit friendly community – you could wander into anyone’s house (which I was told I frequently did).RtP/011/001celebrations-events childhoodpercy-main1930s 1940s
Super Tankers (1970s)Good news has come to the area, The River Tyne has now been blessed, We are one of the first to build super tankers, That is way ahead of all the restRtP/026/018transport working-lifewallsend1970s
Swan Hunter and its CranesYou might not see them from this angle very oftenRtP/032/018childhood transport working-lifewallsend1950s 1960s 1970s
Swan Hunters Shipyard (1956 – 1963)The ship caused a tidal wave and all the Swan's men had to run like mad to get out of the wayRtP/015/008working-lifewallsend1950s 1960s
Sweet ShopsMatinee Selection or Empire Selection were my favourite.RtP/032/001celebrations-events childhood shops-shoppingnorth-shields1940s 1950s
SwimmingMy mother used to say if you go to the Fish Quay Sands and get drowned, I’ll murder you.RtP/017/004pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields tynemouth1930s 1940s 1950s
Swimming MemoriesI had a knitted two-piece bathing costumeRtP/043/015childhood my-life schooldaysnorth-shields tynemouth wallsend whitley-bay1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
Teaching at Murton SchoolThere were some lovely children in that first class of mine.RtP/022/008childhood schooldays working-lifeshiremoor1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s
Teamers and TrimmersApparently, they had a ‘bookman’ who got the best deal he could from each Captain, and this was shared with the gang.RtP/039/010working-lifepercy-main1940s
The Abattoir, North ShieldsSuddenly the bull gave a great bellow and jumped out of the wagon, straight into the crowd of people.RtP/024/017childhood house-home my-lifenorth-shields1920s
The Air Raid ShelterFrom an upstairs window, it looked as though rather large moles had been at workRtP/015/004wartimetyneside1940s
The Alcoholic CollieNell's legs would start to wobble as soon as she approached the Newcastle Arms.RtP/026/010working-lifetyneside1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s
The Battle of Britain Operations RoomKitty Brightwell remembers her time in the WAAFRtP/008/011wartimeother1940s
The Battle with the Dutch SailorsI have often wondered how they explained it to the Captain and what punishment they received. We, of course, thought we had a great time and had won the battle.RtP/011/009childhoodpercy-main1940s
The Big ShipsWhen I was a young girl, I lived in Fourth Street, Down by the shipyardsRtP/041/018childhood my-lifetyneside1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
The Bombing of Preston HospitalThe damage, seen in daylight, was sheer devastation.RtP/026/001health wartimenorth-shields1940s
The Box, 1958With an almighty swipe, I swung my leg and bang! The box did not move and my foot came to a halt in its tracks.RtP/035/019childhoodnorth-shields1950s
The Bread BinIt would stand on the bench, enamel white and trimmed with dolphin blueRtP/041/013childhoodother1950s
The Building of a BridgeI was there, the day the Tyne Bridge was openedRtP/008/004celebrations-events childhoodnewcastle-upon-tyne1920s
The Cabbage Patch on the Fish QuayThis was the nickname of a corner, Down on the North Shields fish quay, Some visitors were local buskers, Who drank stuff stronger than teaRtP/029/016working-lifenorth-shields1950s 1960s
The CamelFor people new to Burradon, the Camel’s Hump was a large heap next to the ash path bordering the Welfare.RtP/035/006childhood my-life pastimes-entertainmentkillingworth1950s
The Childhood and Adolescent Years of Les BirkettRabbits were a good source of food and we loved helping Dad winkle them out from the station yard buffers.RtP/028/011childhood house-home my-life transport working-lifenorth-shields1930s
The ChippyYou always loved their chips because they were cooked in proper dripping.RtP/038/012childhood shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields1950s
The Co-op Horses, 1955The Co-op stables of a long time ago, Were based at the back of old Coach Lane, Some people would cry and whinge about them, Others saying they were nothing but a pain.RtP/031/017childhood transport working-lifenorth-shields1950s
The Deed HooseI can remember on a payday coming into the house shouting "We've got a body this week!"RtP/026/012transport working-lifenorth-shields1940s 1950s
The Dreaded Nit NurseWe dreaded the nit nurse, but she was not as bad as your mother armed with the dickey comb.RtP/021/013childhood healthtyneside1940s 1950s
The Driving Test 1974-5The time came for the third test and I resolved that if I didn't pass it I would pack in.RtP/028/010my-life pastimes-entertainment transportkillingworth1970s
The Egg Wagon, 1958What a wonderful sight – there were eggs everywhere you looked!RtP/035/010childhood shops-shoppingnorth-shields percy-main1950s
The Embassy Ballroom, Forest HallOne night the ceiling came down.RtP/023/011pastimes-entertainmentbenton forest-hall killingworth1950s
The Fifteen Story FlatsWe saw them go up and we saw them come down!RtP/029/003house-home my-lifelongbenton1950s
The Fish and Chip ShopFish cakes in those days were two slabs of potato sandwiched with flaked fish, and the whole lot dipped in batter and fried.RtP/018/001shops-shoppingtyneside1950s
The Flix, 1960Everyone would be off their seats riding along with the cowboys or flying along with Rocket Man, screaming and shouting at the bad guys.RtP/036/005childhood pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1960s
The Flower ShowWell you didn't win this year!RtP/022/012celebrations-events pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1950s
The Fountain HeadHuge men ready for a fight were quelled at a glance by 4'9" Minnie. "All right Minnie, sorry Minnie".RtP/020/012working-lifenorth-shields1930s 1940s
The Gas OvenHow Jean managed to escape being hit by the oven door I just don't knowRtP/041/015childhoodtyneside1930s
The GasmanPeople, being hard up, loved to see the gasman coming.RtP/037/002house-hometyneside1930s
The Girls’ HostelThey handed over their wages every week and an allowance was given to each of them.RtP/021/018working-lifekillingworth1970s
The Great Slum Clearance SchemeLike us, most arrived with their belongings on a horse drawn cart.RtP/022/010house-home my-lifewallsend1930s
The High School YearsI probably still hold the record for detention in a single term.RtP/041/007childhood schooldaysnorth-shields tynemouth1940s
The Ice Factory, North ShieldsThe tyrant called progress won again!RtP/026/016working-lifenorth-shields1950s
The Jungle North Shields Quayside 1968The Jungle was certainly a rough and tumble sort of place.RtP/032/019pastimes-entertainment working-lifenorth-shields1960s
The Ladies at Carlton Court RememberElla was kept on to make fish boxes.RtP/018/004working-lifenorth-shields1920s 1930s
The Launch of the Dominion Monarch 27th July 1938A great experience, a wonderful day and a very happy memory.RtP/019/014celebrations-events working-lifewallsend1930s
The Library and Northumberland Square MemoriesThe Cultural Quarter of North Shields, Where Things HappenRtP/050/010buildings celebrations-events childhood community-life leisure local-history my-life pastimes-entertainment working-lifenorth-shields north-tyneside1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
The Lighter side of World War TwoNothing can break the human spirit as long as you can have a good laugh.RtP/008/009wartimenewcastle-upon-tyne1940s
The Little Chap ‘n’ His CapA trip to Kay’s the Sweety Shop saw all our money spent.RtP/041/019childhoodnorth-shields1950s
The Lord’s DayWe woke up to the smell of egg, bacon, sausage and black pudding frying.RtP/035/009childhood house-home my-lifetyneside1940s
The Nana (Gannies of 1955)Now Sundays was always the best to visit for stotties and scones were getting cooked.RtP/031/016childhoodtyneside1950s
The Outbreak of WarThe date was 3 September 1939. We were returning home when the sirens started.RtP/037/005childhood wartimepercy-main1930s 1940s
The Outside Netty (1957)Now and again you would wake up through the night and want a ‘jimmy riddle’.RtP/033/004childhood house-homenorth-shields1950s
The Pantomime at the Wesleyan Church Hall, Percy MainThe hall was packed every night for the week.RtP/037/014childhood pastimes-entertainmentpercy-main1940s
The Penny ScrushBeware of the pointed finger - you could never tell if it was loaded!RtP/022/011childhood my-life pastimes-entertainmentwallsend1930s
The Percy Arms aka The Die ShopThe snug was nicknamed ‘Turnbull’s Waiting Room’ after the name of the local Funeral Director.RtP/011/010my-life pastimes-entertainmentpercy-main1950s
The Picture House, Forest HallWhen hailstones showered on the roof, the film sound track was lost.RtP/022/009pastimes-entertainmentforest-hall1920s 1930s 1940s
The Priory, Pen-Bal-Crag[Head of Rampart on the Rocks] Tynemouth North East of EnglandRtP/008/006buildingstynemouth1990s
The Rafts 1960Once you collected your wood it was a simple task of fitting it together and once launched you just used a couple of pieces of timber for paddles.RtP/035/018childhood pastimes-entertainmenthowdon north-shields percy-main1960s
The Ritz Cinema, Forest HallThe ice cream boy was clad from top to toe in white.RtP/022/015pastimes-entertainment wartimeforest-hall1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
The River Tyne PoliceGod help you if you fell in with all your clobber on!RtP/031/009my-life working-lifenorth-shields south-tyneside tyneside1960s 1970s
The Rocket Pub, LongbentonThere was always something going on at the Rocket.RtP/025/006leisure pastimes-entertainment working-lifelongbenton1960s
The Saga of the Dredger, “Beaver Mackenzie”, 1975We were caught in some of the most difficult weather conditions ever experienced at that time of year - supposedly summer!RtP/030/016transport working-lifeinternational north-shields1970s
The Sally Army, 1958They would come, marching into Appleby Street in North Shields just like a squad of soldiers on parade.RtP/040/008pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1950s
The School DentistHis nurse had to bar the door to stop us escaping.RtP/021/010health schooldaystyneside1940s
The Screwless CoffinThe undertaker went as pale as the corpse and a fierce argument began.RtP/020/011working-lifenorth-shields1940s
The Ship Inn, Monkseaton, 1970sThe Select Room was “Gentlemen Only” and a tie was de rigueurRtP/033/005my-life pastimes-entertainmentmonkseaton1970s
The Sinking of S.S. PinnaOnly one bomb hit us, but horribly it was plumb on the fo’c’sle.RtP/029/010wartimeinternational1940s
The Smell of TarShe would go out of her way to breathe over a tar boiler whenever the men were mending the road!RtP/027/015childhood wartimetyneside1940s
The Snug, 1957You always tried to duck down so as not to be seen, for some strange reasonRtP/040/009childhood pastimes-entertainment1950s
The Squirrel MentalityWe had lots and lots of boxes of matches - enough to set Wallsend on fire I should think.RtP/017/012wartimewallsend1930s 1940s
The Tab Wagon, 1956They would give out two tabs in a little box for freeRtP/035/004health my-life transport working-lifenorth-shields1950s
The Umbrella, 1959There was an almighty crash and out went a windowpane.RtP/036/003childhood pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1950s
The V.I.P. JourneyI stood proudly behind the windscreen heedless of the cold spray cascading round me...RtP/015/010transport working-lifehowdon1930s
The Van LadI had to be sure and take my Van Lad's hat, the status symbol that proved I was part of the team.RtP/027/003childhood transport working-lifetynemouth wallsend1960s
The View From My GardenEvery ship that went up or down the river came past our house.RtP/027/007childhood house-home transportwallsend1950s 1960s
The Wall – Spring GardensThe wall separated the schoolyard from the old cemetery.RtP/030/020childhood schooldaysnorth-shields1960s
The Way We WereOur childhood memories remain the best, the happy times, fantastic,RtP/041/014childhoodtyneside1950s
The Wolsington Pub, Then and NowIt was used as an air-raid shelter during World War IIRtP/043/020childhood wartimenorth-shields1930s 1940s
Things To Do in West AllotmentGiant leeks were put on show after much secret feeding and top dressing.RtP/025/013pastimes-entertainmentwest-allotment1930s
Thompson Red Stamp StoresBoxes were provided for customers to sit down until it was their turn.RtP/022/001house-home shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields1940s
Tide Marks, 1958‘Tide marks’ were where the water either ran up your arms or down your neck, so you just let it dry or gave a quick rub with your sleeve.RtP/036/020childhoodnorth-shields1950s
Tin Telephones, 1957This might sound daft but you understood each other perfectly.RtP/035/013childhood pastimes-entertainmenttyneside1950s
Tom’s Day at the BeachYou would occasionally hear an announcement “We’ve got a little boy with red hair, 5 years old and he’s lost his mummy. Can you come and collect him?”RtP/014/020childhood pastimes-entertainmenttynemouth whitley-bay1940s 1950s
Tonsils Out at HomeAll in a morning's work!RtP/028/003health my-lifetyneside1930s
Toy Forts and Broken BicyclesI was dying to get my hands on a bicycle it was just a shame the brakes didn’t work!RtP/043/018childhood pastimes-entertainmenttyneside1930s
Train JourneysIt's the little things that stick in one's mind!RtP/030/010childhood transport wartimenorth-shields1940s 1950s
Travelling to School, 1960sThe buses and trains were always busy.RtP/027/006schooldays transportwallsend1960s
Treatment of Diabetes, 1947At night, each child was given one sweet, but not if they were diabetic!RtP/028/004childhood health schooldaystyneside1940s
Trefoil HouseI can’t particularly think of a better place to be based.RtP/050/004buildings childhood interiors leisure local-history pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields north-tyneside1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Trefoil House and GuidingI had so much fun I forgot to leave.RtP/050/002buildings childhood fashion local-history pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields north-tyneside1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Tug of WarIt was a regular thing to see the men dressed up, often in women's clothes!RtP/032/013celebrations-events my-life pastimes-entertainmentwest-allotment1950s 1960s 1970s
Turnbull’s of North ShieldsThey kept their handsome horses upstairs and their carriages downstairs.RtP/023/007transport working-lifenorth-shields1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Tyne DocksIt was always happy times and you always enjoyed yourself.RtP/045/014health local-history my-life transport working-lifenorth-shields south-tyneside1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
Tyne TugsThe rivers horses do a job right.RtP/026/019transport working-lifenorth-shields1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Tyne Tugs, 1956It seems just like the other day, When the river Tyne was all a go, About a score of steam tugs, Would be pulling ships to and froRtP/026/011transport working-lifenorth-shields wallsend1950s
Tynemouth Borough Police – Annual Inspection of Vehicles, 1964Tynemouth Police inspect their vehiclesRtP/040/002my-life working-lifenorth-shields tynemouth1960s
Tynemouth Borough Police RememberedPolicing became a varied exercise as the population grewRtP/035/011working-lifetynemouth1960s
Tynemouth Lake, 1961I wish I had a pound for every time you called out to a boat “your time is up!"RtP/035/001childhood my-life pastimes-entertainmenttynemouth1960s
Tynemouth PlazaWind blown sand drifts o'er the strand, Where once the "Plaza" it did stand, A pleasure palace built years ago, To entertain both high and lowRtP/029/018pastimes-entertainmenttynemouth1990s
Tynemouth Police Charitable Work, 1941An example of the police/community interaction and relationship that existed in earlier years.RtP/040/007my-life shops-shoppingnorth-shields tynemouth1940s
Tynemouth Police First Aid Team, 1956This photograph shows the Tynemouth Police First Aid team of 1956 in the Muster Rooms after winning a trophy in 1956.RtP/040/006celebrations-events my-lifenorth-shields tynemouth1950s
Tynemouth Police Football, 1949This photograph shows the Tynemouth Police football team that played against the Felling Division in the Northern Police Orphanage Cup in March 1949.RtP/040/005my-lifenorth-shields tynemouth1940s
Tynemouth Police The New Look 1948The new look was the replacement of high neck tunics with “collar and tie”.RtP/040/004my-life working-lifenorth-shields tynemouth1940s
Tynemouth RNLI RescuesI thought, I’m terribly out of control here.RtP/046/001transport working-lifetynemouth whitley-bay1980s 1990s
Tynemouth Village TownswomenThe National Anthem was always played and sung, and a Birthday Cake was a regular feature!RtP/028/006pastimes-entertainmenttynemouth1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s
Up and Down the High Street in WallsendTen-year-olds would carry glass jars full of sulphuric acid to and from the shops and no-one thought anything of itRtP/015/006shops-shoppingwallsend1940s
V.E. CelebrationsThe staff were given the job of painting a big red 'V' onto each of the cream drinking mugs.RtP/019/021celebrations-eventsnorth-shields1940s
Vi ForemanMy summer holidays were spent on the Fish Quay sandsRtP/043/013childhood house-home my-life pastimes-entertainment schooldays working-lifenorth-shields1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s
Victor the Stick Man (1958)If we wanted to make a couple of pennies we would just call in and asked if he wanted any bundles of sticks made up or any sacks filled.RtP/038/005childhood house-home working-lifenorth-shields1950s
Village Traditions (around 1938)She was indeed lovely; her pale face framed in lace had a serene beauty that I had never experienced.RtP/020/019childhoodtyneside1930s
Viv’s Memories of Growing up in SheffieldAt home, we had mountains of sheet music and my parents always held musical gatherings in their home, with other friends who were musicians.RtP/010/020childhood pastimes-entertainmentother1940s 1950s
Waggon WaysAnyone living along the line could hitch a ride from Backworth down to Percy Main!RtP/028/007my-life transport working-lifepercy-main shiremoor1930s
Walks in North Shields No. 1A walk of interest, history, beauty and nostalgia to me, now aged 87.RtP/022/004pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields tynemouth1920s
Walks in North Shields No. 2When the bluebells are up the air is scented and wonderful.RtP/022/014pastimes-entertainmentnorth-shields1920s 1930s
WallsendHandrails were used to fasten washing lines from one side of the square to another; clean sheets would flap loudly in the breeze.RtP/018/014childhood shops-shoppingwallsend1960s
Wallsend Wartime MemoriesComing home from school, I turned into our street to see a huge silver barage balloon wedged sideways in the streetRtP/015/011childhood wartimewallsend1940s
War Declared – Sunday 3rd SeptemberThe news broadcasts, with the well-known voices of John Snagg and Alva Liddell, attained almost religious significance.RtP/020/001wartimetyneside1930s 1940s
War Time in WallsendOn moon nights, barrels were put along streets and smoke making stuff was burned in them so the enemy couldn't see clearly.RtP/016/013wartimewallsend1940s
WartimeHaving been raised in a family of publicans with lots of noise and music, we were now living in the quiet of the countryside.RtP/020/016wartimenorth-shields northumberland1940s
Wartime ChildhoodI can recall, in canny Shields, the fish-quay and the football-fields, the sound of sirens in the night, the air-raid shelter, small and tightRtP/041/008childhood wartimenorth-shields tynemouth1940s
Wartime in ItalyIn 1943 and 1944 in Italy there was a war. I pray to God every day “Please don’t let it happen again”. I couldn’t wish it on my worst enemy or anybody in the world. War is very sad for everyone.RtP/015/023childhood wartimeinternational1940s
Wartime MemoriesWe would put one plant pot on top of another with a lighted candle inside to keep warmRtP/015/001wartimenorth-shields1940s
Wartime WeatherWe often had natural creamy ice-cream in the 1940s winters.RtP/026/003house-home transport wartimewhitley-bay1940s
Wash Day with the Poss TubIn the winter, shirts used to get stiff with the cold; you could take them off the line and stand them up in the kitchen.RtP/019/015childhood house-homeother tyneside1930s 1940s
Wash Days and the Large FamilyWe used to pull the sheets, two at each side, so they would be dead straight and then fold them.RtP/019/019childhood house-hometyneside1930s
Washing and IroningIn summertime everyone hung their washing in the street, but it was a risky business.RtP/024/016childhood house-hometyneside1920s
Washing Day 1Granda's long sleeved body shirts and long linings (underpants) took a long time to dry.RtP/025/012house-hometyneside1930s
Washing Day 2It wasn't just one day - it went on for most days of the week!RtP/030/017house-hometyneside1940s
Watching the Ships Go ByThe butter boat used to go past our front room window.RtP/032/017childhood transportnewcastle-upon-tyne other wallsend1960s
Weddings 1958After the wedding the car window would be rolled down and out came a hand full of coins.RtP/037/018celebrations-events childhoodtyneside1950s
West Allotment – Life in a Mining VillageMy grandfather walked each day to and from the pit, a distance of approximately five miles.RtP/025/011working-lifewest-allotment1930s
West Moor School in the 1960sI’m a vegetarian now and I am sure those lunches had something to do with it.RtP/053/004buildings celebrations-events childhood games schooldaysforest-hall newcastle-upon-tyne1960s 1970s
What a DilemmaThank goodness for the arrival of the flyover at Forest Hall in 1964.RtP/023/017transportforest-hall1930s
What is this Badge?We want to find out more about my dad's naval career.RtP/035/017wartimewallsend1940s
When the Boat Comes InDumpers (cigarette butts), picked up from the streets and re-rolled, provided a smoke.RtP/018/015my-lifenorth-shields1930s
Whitley BayMy cousins had knitted bathing costumes. When they came out of the water the legs of their costumes reached below their knees.RtP/020/007childhood pastimes-entertainmentwhitley-bay1930s 1940s 1950s
Whitley Bay in the 1930sLong trains arrived, which were the length of Whitley Bay station platform, to be met by boys with their bogiesRtP/034/010childhood pastimes-entertainmentwhitley-bay1930s
Winter 1947The snowman my granddad built for me lasted for weeks. He had coke for eyes, a row of coal for a mouth and a carrot for a nose.RtP/017/015childhoodtyneside1940s
Winter PastimesWe had two places for sledging; Kirkwall Farm fields down through the Lonnen was one but the best of all was Commission Quay Bank.RtP/037/012childhood pastimes-entertainmentpercy-main1940s
Work and Play on Tynemouth BeachI guess I was a bit of a special case because our family had pleasure boats on Tynemouth beach. They’d been there for 100 years passed down through the generations.RtP/014/022childhood working-lifetynemouth whitley-bay1940s 1950s
Working and shopping in post-war North ShieldsAt lunch time I used to go out to the YMCA, which put on a good meal on the top floor.RtP/042/013shops-shopping working-lifenorth-shields1940s 1950s
Working at the RexI thought to myself “here we go again”.RtP/009/001my-life working-lifenorth-shields1940s
Working in Howard StreetEverybody knew the customer and the customer knew youRtP/050/007buildings community-life local-history working-lifenorth-shields north-tyneside1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Working in Howard Street and Northumberland SquareThree different but very happy memories.RtP/050/006buildings community-life local-history working-lifenorth-shields north-tyneside1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Working in Northumberland SquareThere was a Community Librarian and she was inspirational.RtP/050/008buildings community-life local-history working-lifenorth-shields north-tyneside2000s 2010s
Working in ServiceThere were no fires and no lights because the gas had been cut off. You had to clean with cold water.RtP/019/001working-lifenorth-shields1930s
Working with horsesAll the horsemen would spend hours making paper tissue flowers and decorate the harnesses with them.RtP/020/018celebrations-events working-lifenorth-shields1950s
Youth HostellingThe manager took pity on us and offered us a barn with clean straw by way of accommodation.RtP/023/020pastimes-entertainmentnorthumberland1940s
Youth Hostelling by BikeIt was a long haul with 3rd rate equipment!RtP/024/001pastimes-entertainmentnorthumberland1950s