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Do you know what ‘Boudey’ is?

The ladies from Cullercoats Knit and Natter shared their knowledge about boudey at one of their sessions and you can hear them reminiscing here. Broken china was often found on the beach at Cullectoats, washed up on the shore in lots of shapes and colours. It was something to collect and then play with. It was especially good as toy money, ‘Boudey money’ for those times when you played shops.


‘Boudey ware’ or ‘patchwork pottery’ has been another use for the seashore debris, people used it to make decorative items such as plates and mugs. Sadly, there aren’t many pictures of Boudey around but when you listen to the ladies talking you’ll get an idea of the fun they could have with it. If you have any memories of playing Boudy games then why not share them with us? Even better if you had a photograph!