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Do you ever find yourself having a tidy up then finding something you’ve forgotten about for a long time?  Well, that happened at Remembering the Past HQ today. 

In 2013 the team were at Beamish Museum doing some training and we had a behind the scenes tour of the museum’s storage areas.  It was amazing!  One of the souvenirs from the day was this photograph of part of the collection of old cookers (see below).

The one in the middle was familiar to me as it was like the one I cooked on when I was first married.  I was so proud of it and kept it sparklingly clean.  It cost my in-laws the princely sum of £88.00 and came from a Northern Gas showroom.  I was well impressed.  Any one who has been cooker shopping recently will notice that both the design and price of cookers has changed significantly.

Why, are you asking yourselves, do these relics get stored at Beamish?  The answer is so that they can eventually furnish one of the most exciting new exhibits on their site, the 1950s town.  I haven’t been down to see what’s been finished yet but you can be sure it’ll be spectacular when it’s all done.

Follow this link: Moving to Longbenton to read about living in Longbenton in the 1950s.