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Tynemouth Plaza

Wind blown sand drifts o'er the strand, Where once the "Plaza" it did stand, A pleasure palace built years ago, To entertain both high and low

Tynemouth Plaza after the fire, 1996

Wind blown sand drifts o’er the strand
Where once the “Plaza” it did stand
A pleasure palace built years ago
To entertain both high and low

Built in the French chateau mould
In massive grandeur it stood bold
Inside, a ballroom par excellence
Wherein was held many a civic dance

And in the basements down near the shore
Entertainments there were more
Initially there was a menagerie
With many strange animals there to see

This changed into a skating hall
When public interest began to fall
Passing years then took their toll
And different formats was its role

Indoor sales, of bric a brac trash
A public house and club so brash
Then fire destroyed this building grand
Now in its place just grass and sand

An empty space now by the beach
Just memories for our minds to reach
Off happy times there in our youth
Mayhap with age we blur the truth

Tynemouth’s pride no more we’ll see
That pillar of Edwardian majesty
A landmark of the Tynemouth shore
Has passed through time’s “immortal” door

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