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Tyne Tugs

The rivers horses do a job right.

Photograph of a tug on the River Tyne

Tug on the River Tyne

In the years of fifties and sixties
The river was full of ships of the day
Most of the tugs are on the go
Pulling vessels each and every way

Today there is ten lying at Smith’s yard
Getting ready to do a dock
They are working by the river’s tides
Not by the hands off the clock

Once they are ready to begin
Whistles blowing for all systems go
Watch as they move you will get a shock
Thinking their skippers are putting on a show

Some have started to pull the ships
Others have now started to push
The rivers horses do a job right
Taking pride and not trying to rush

Skippers handle their tugs with ease
Towing the ships in any direction
Moving the vessels in and out of dock
All done with class and perfection

The other ships now eased beside the quays
Two whistle toots means all tugs away
That is another first class job my friend
Been done at Smith’s dry docks today

Now that the years have rolled on
The toots we no longer hear
Even your funnels true colours
Have now had to disappear

No more Malteses crosses
They have gone from the frame
Only four tugs still working
They sail under the Cory name

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