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Some North Shields Pubs

As the saying goes, here today and gone tomorrow!


Photograph of friends in the pub

Friends in the Pub

On paying a visit back to Tyneside I was quite shocked to see that a large amount of public houses seemed to have disappeared.  I’ve made a list, comparing my memory of the pubs in 1958 with the way they were in 2005:


The White Brick, Dock Road       Gone

The Wolsington, Appleby Street      Gone

The Chain Locker, New Quay      Gone

The Jungle, New Quay       Gone

The Golden Fleece, New Quay      (The Port Hole)

The Dolphin, Fish Quay       OK

The Low Light Tavern, Fish Quay      OK

The Corvette, Charlotte Street      Gone

The King’s Head, Tyne Street      OK

The Prince of Wales, Liddell Street      OK

The Crown and Sceptre, Stephenson Street     Gone

The Albion Inn, Norfolk Street      Gone

The Hope, Norfolk Street      (Bell and Bucket)

The Central, Camden Street      (Magnesia Bank)

The Half Moon, Union Street       Gone

The Colonel Linskill, Charlotte Street      OK

The Garrick’s Head, Saville Street      OK

The Alnwick Castle, Saville Street     (Irish Pub)

The Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Bedford Street     Gone

The Fountain Head, Bedford Street      Gone

The Telegraph, Nile Street       Gone

The Railway, Nile Street       Gone

The White Hart, Bedford Street      Gone

The New Claradon, Appleby Street      Gone

The Mariners, Saville Street       OK

The Ballarat, Borough Road       ??????

The Neville, Rudyard Street       OK

The Berwick, Trinity Street       OK

The Stanley, Rudyard Street       OK

The Victoria, Upper Borough Road      OK

The Royal Arms, Nile Street       OK

The Queen’s Head, Albion Road       OK

The Old Hundred, Albion Road      OK

The Top House, Albion Road       OK

The Tyne Inn, Tennyson Terrace      Gone

The Phoenix, Duke Street       Gone

The Clock Vaults, Bedford Street       Gone

Sir Colin Campbell, Saville Street      OK

The Wellington, Wellington Street      Gone

The Black Bull, Clive Street       Gone

The General Havelock, Saville Street     Gone

The Gardeners, Rudyard Street      Gone

The Lambton Castle, Wellington Street West    Gone

The Victoria, Tynemouth Road       OK

The Albert, Tynemouth Road       OK

The Coberg, Tynemouth Road      OK

Oddfellows, Albion Road       OK


There are more than likely a lot more I have forgotten about but when you leave an area then return you get a shock as too just how much it has changed over the years.  Still as the saying goes, here today gone tomorrow.

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