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Shops in the Old Part of Benton

The baker bought ingredients for his gorgeous pasties from the local butcher and greengrocer.


We moved to Beech Grove in 1955.  We had a parade of shops in Linden Road (running from Benton Station down to Ashleigh Grove).  There was a good grocers shop and a Hadrian, one of a chain of grocers across the North East.  There was Beech Grove Post Office, selling other commodities too.  I remember that apart from stationery, they sold knitting wool and patterns and also sweets.  The same family had run the business for generations.

The newsagent sold cigarettes and tobacco along with the papers for the commuters.  They had a marvellous business!  Many people, working locally, for example, schoolteachers, travelled by train and shopped on Linden Road.

We had a greengrocers shop, selling very fresh fruit and veg.  The greengrocer bought produce from local allotment holders (including our rhubarb).  Next door was a butchers shop selling good quality meat and then Black’s the Baker.  The butcher’s shop employed delivery boys who worked before school time, delivering orders around the area. Black’s bread and cakes were good.  He also cooked his own ham, which was delicious (especially with his fresh bread buns)!  The baker would buy ingredients for his gorgeous pasties from the butcher and the greengrocer.

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