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School Memories in New York

Elsie Wilkinson recalls her schooldays and teachers in New York village

I was born in 1922 in Brookland Terrace  New York.  I went to New York School until I was 14.

In those days the top class was X7 and you left after that.  I remember quite a few of the teachers.  There was Miss Storey who took 5S and 6S; Miss Dobey who took Standard 1; Mr Rice, Mr White, and Mr Welch I think was the headmaster.  I remember when you went in you used to have to stand in lines and hold your hands out to be inspected and your shoes had to be clean as well.  Another thing I remember was queuing up on the stairs to see the nurse who checked your hair and your eyesight.  We used to do plays in the schoolyard on 24th May.  I remember getting dressed up and we had posies with daisies in and we used to sing:

“24th May is the Queen’s birthday
If you don’t give us holiday, we’ll all run away.”

I liked doing mental arithmetic and needlework.  I didn’t like essays, but I loved country dancing and I have liked dancing ever since.

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