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Roof Snow Slides 1960

It was like an avalanche!

These were times of plenty of snowfalls with it often settling 4 – 6 or more inches deep.  The best part was when it started to get warmer because after the fall you could expect the snow to slide off the house roofs.  Somehow, we kids had a good idea when it was coming, for first, you got a little bit then in no time, whoosh it was like an avalanche!

We thought it was great when a grownup got caught in the snow slide.  They would go mad cursing and swearing.  Sometimes they did like a highland fling when it went down their neck.  We would burst out laughing in hysterics, but you kept your wits about you for if they caught you, you got a clout along the lug.  Sometimes the snow was a bit stubborn and took a while to come down but when it did it was slushy and anyone who was near got a good dollop splashed on them.

No one got hurt but we thought these were great days with fun and laughter all the way.  Priceless memories.

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