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Police Transport, 1969

A diversity of roles and requirements

This photograph was taken in Lower Rudyerd Street, North Shields in 1969.  It shows the vehicles used by the different departments of the Tynemouth Police Force.  Note the various ‘FT 1’ registrations on the vehicles, numbers unique to that particular Force.

Photograph of police transport, Tynemouth, 1969

From left to right we begin with the beat policeman, out on foot in all weathers, with a personal radio to keep him in touch.

Next, is a Bedford ‘Panda’ car and driver, registration HFT 1.  An Ariel motorcycle patrol bike is parked alongside.

To the right is a Ford Zephyr patrol car with driver and observer, registration DFT 1 and, finally, the police dog section’s Bedford Dormobile van, shown here with two of the canine ‘officers’ and their handlers.

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