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Peter Thompson – Fundraising

Christmas and Summer Fairs


Where we lived in 1963, was only about 200 yards from Pearey House in Preston Avenue which is just along the road so for a local charity it was a good one to be involved in.

Except for my sister, and her daughter who lives 200 yards from here we haven’t got the connections that we had.  But I was there on Saturday for the Christmas fayre.  Myself and the wife still go along to things.

Photo of the new Miller Conservatory

The new Miller Conservatory

They have a Christmas fair every year, there’s bits and pieces for sale.  There’s also quite a few raffles and cups of tea etc.  It was anytime between 2 and 4 on Saturday afternoon and I think they have raised over £2,000 or something, which I thought for the number of people there seemed very good.

You don’t get invited the whole idea is that it’s open to the public.  It’s actually the first time that I’ve seen the finished new conservatory and I thought what a lovely job they’ve made of it.

The summer event changed because it used to be a big thing in the area but of course people’s interests change over the years.


Peter was interviewed as part of the Pearey House 150th Anniversary Project.

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