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Our Posh Dinner 1956

It was delicious and you felt on top of the world

When we sat down to Christmas dinner at my sister’s this year, I thought she was going to feed the whole street with the amount of grub on the table.  But then a little thought popped into my head which made me laugh.  When we were kids, we were told we were going to have a ‘posh dinner’ as Dad called it.

Now the saying ‘ignorance is bliss’ sure applied that day.  Our Dad told us we were getting a slap-up meal of meat, roast tatties, peas, carrots and gravy which sounded really yummie yummie.  As dinner time arrived, sure enough, all that was promised was dished up and it looked lovely.  I do not mind saying it was champion, everything was eaten along with a couple of slices of bread to clean the last of the gravy off the plate.

Now there is also a saying ‘when you get older you get wiser’ and when I think back, our lovely piece of meat was more than likely a simple pork chop.  Our mouth-watering roasties were, in fact, just chips cut up in a different way.  Still, it did not matter, for after that feast I would not call the king my uncle, it was delicious, and you felt on top of the world.

In these times it took very little to make you happy when you think about it.

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