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Old Remedies 1

Poultices on boils - hot bread or onion and sugar.

These are some of the remedies and cures that I can remember being used to cure illnesses and accidents.

  • Comfrey leaves crushed for healing scratches and cuts on elbows and knees, or Witch Hazel.
  • Nettle stings were cured by rubbing dock leaves on the sting.
  • Barley Water for settling upset stomachs and period pains
  • Eggnog for colds – beaten egg in milk and nutmeg, heated and sweetened to taste.
  • Dandelion and burdock for constipation (and Beecham’s Pills)
  • Elderberry wine for a tonic after illness (for adults)
  • Parrish’s Chemical Food for children, after measles, whooping cough, chickenpox, diphtheria and scarlet fever – we got them all before penicillin came out in 1962. My son’s pneumonia was treated that year, and it saved his life.  1000ccs injected altogether, in a huge syringe, by Alexandria nurses coming in twice a day.
  • Poultices on boils – hot bread or onion and sugar
  • Oils and butter used for bruises
  • Rubbing camphorated oil or goose grease for winter coughs
  • Olive oil and cod liver oil taken by spoonful’s at school
  • Breathing in hot tar fumes, for babies with chest colds
  • Rubbing gums with oil of cloves for toothache
  • Brimstone and treacle (powdered sulphur) was given out regularly to keep the blood clean
  • Parsley in boiling water cured headaches and nervous troubles

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