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North Shields Shops Pre-Beacon Centre

How Many Can You Remember?

Timothy Whites, Chemist, Bedford Street

Finlay and Co Ltd., Tobacconist, Nile Street Junction off Railway Street (more of a kiosk than a shop)

Maynards Ltd., Confectioner, Saville Street

F Rooney, Clock and Watch Repairer, Wellington Street

????? Delicatessen, Wellington Street

N.E. Rubber Company, Rubber Goods, Wellington Street (this site is now McDonalds)

John Davison, High Class Confectioners, Albion Road (part of Camden Fireplaces)

C W Peirs, Chemist, Albion Road, (converted into Oddfellows pub)

W & B Pyle, Butcher, Bedford Street

J Ellison, Gents Hairdresser and Emporium, Bedford Street

Barry Noble, Fruiterer, Bedford Street, (now possibly Halifax Building Society)

Hammonds, Curtain Materials (Remnant Shop), Bedford Street

Stan Swan, Cycle Dealer, Bedford Street

Pringles Car Parts and Accessories, Church Way, (now an Indian restaurant)

J T Beach, Tailors and Gents Outfitters, Church Way

Hollands Florists, Church Way, (now musical instruments shop)

J Hails, Family Grocer, Church Way, (now pizza shop)

J Richardson, General Dealer

Mr Rowells, Gown Dealers etc., Bedford Street, (now McDonalds)

Mrs M A Hogg and Son, Drapers, Bedford Street

L and M Todd Ltd., Milliners, Bedford Street

Bainbridge and Son, Cabinet Makers, Bedford Street

M Rochester, Shoes etc., Bedford Street

Hunters Bakers, Fenwick Terrace, Preston Road, (now Keel Row Books)

G M Dryden Ltd., Glazier, Howard Street, (now Globe Gallery)

Bainbridge and Son, House Furnishers, Howard Street Commercial Rooms

?????? Pawnbroker, Howard Street

W B Atkinson, Fruiterer, North King Street Corner

Roland Park, Photographer, Little Bedford Street

C E Willits, Leather Goods, Lower Camden Street

R Bolton Ltd., Tailors Hatters and Hosiers Nile Street, (now Pansy’s Florist)

A Robson and Company Ltd., Draper, Nile Street, (now hairdressers or post office)

W Duncan Ltd., Grocers, Nile Street and Bedford Street corner

L and N Stores, Grocers, Railway Street, (now possibly Gosforth Fruiterers)

T S Stonier, Chemists, corner of Railway Street and Nile Street corner, (now computer shop)

J H Dewhirst Ltd., Butchers, Prudhoe Street

Cornish Pasty Shop, Home Bakery and Shop, Rudyerd Street, (now Duffy’s Second Hand Shop)

Alders Wool and Woollen Goods, Rudyerd Street

Precision Repairs, Clock and Watch Repairs, Russell Street, (now Tanning Shop)

Purvis Brothers, Ironmongers, corner of Saville Street and Norfolk Street, (now Wooden Deli Café)

William Purvis Ltd., Bakers Shop, Saville Street

Stead and Simpson, Bootmakers, Saville Street

Universal Boot Stores, Shoes etc., Saville Street West, (now Northern Image Hairdressers)

Lionel Clark, Cycle Dealer, Saville Street West

William Purvis Ltd., Bakery and Shop, Saville Street West, (now possibly Martial Arts Centre)

Trueform Boot Company Ltd., Shoes etc., Saville Street West

T H Dunn, Printer and Stationer, Saville Street West

R Pierson and Co Ltd., Outfitter and Clothiers, Saville Street West

Hewitt and Son, China, Glass and Earthenware, West Percy Street, (now Kutz Barbers)

J H Morgan, Butcher, West Percy Street, (now a house)

Ben Clark, Butcher, West Percy Street, (now a house)

G Rumney, Plumber, West Percy Street

W Stagg (Known as Staggy’s) Second Hand Goods, corner of Union Street and Camden Street

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