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My First Memories

It could have been the R101

I was born on Saturday, 12th January 1924 and I have been told that the time was 12.55pm. The reason my family remembered the time was because the hooter sounded at Smith’s Dock just as I made my first cry. The hooter called men back to work every day after their dinner break. Saturday for working men in 1924 was a working day – no weekends off.

I remember the rhyme about Saturday’s child working hard for a living and, looking back, I think this has held an element of truth so far as my life was concerned.

I can’t recall much about my first years until the age of about three, playing on the field outside of my door. I looked up and saw what I thought was a terrifying monster. It turned out to be one of the first airships – it could have been the R101, but I couldn’t swear to that – I just ran to mother!!!

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