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Living at Pearey House – Samantha’s Story

I’m really happy living here

I moved in the flats on August 22nd I really love it there, I’m really happy living there.  I have been coming to the day centre for about 7 years.  I lived with my mum but she had to move into a home so it just worked out better to get a flat here and I really like it here.  It’s all open plan so it’s really easy to find your way around and the kitchen is easy to manage because it’s open plan.

Photo of the talking books library at Pearey House

The talking books library

I come over on a Tuesday and then every Friday morning and if there’s any problems or I need help I can just always ask and they are always there if I need help.  I have made quite a few friends since I’ve moved here so that’s really good.

I’ve got a carer who takes me out three days a week going shopping and things like that.  During covid Pearey House used to drop meals off for me so that was really good of them because I had to be shielded so I couldn’t go out or anything.

It’s a really nice flat it’s really spacious and really homely.  I just feel really happy living here, I think it’s given me a lot more confidence as well, living here.  We’ve got the gym and there’s also a big talking book library because I love listening to talking books.  Also, I get massages off one of the people here.  They really look after you.  They bring meals over to the flats.  I come over on a Tuesday and get a meal and then on a Monday and Friday they bring a meal over to the flat.  It’s lovely, proper home cooked.


Samantha was interviewed as part of the Pearey House 150th Anniversary Project

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