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Introducing the River Tyne

When it came to job satisfaction you were spoilt for choice!

Tyne Ferry photo 1950sIf today’s younger generation had a crystal ball, they would be totally amazed
at just how busy the river Tyne used to be back in the 1950s plus. The river itself was jumping with the likes of shipbuilding yards, ship repair yards, various other engineering yards which all needed supplying with goods one way or another. In those days, we also had the coal pits and steel works going at full speed. In spite of all this, I guess no one could have forecast just how much the river would change in a few short years. When it came to job satisfaction you were spoilt for choice for you could be anything from labourer to a time served engineer or even work your way up to ship’s captain. One time the river could boast of having at least six large shipbuilding yards and two small boat building yards. On top of this we had at least eight ship repair companies with twenty-nine dry-docks between them. All this added up to thousands and thousands of jobs. Today, well that is another story.

Who Did The Tyne Build For

Anchor Shipping Line Co,
Atlantic Steam Navigation Co,
Alfred Holt Line Ltd,
Athel Line Co,
Anglo Saxon Shell Co

British Tanker Co,
Bank Line Shipping Co,
Ben Line Steamers Ltd,
Bibby Line Shipping Co,
Bowater Steam Ship Co,
Brocklebank Shipping Co,
Burmah Oil Co,
Boyd Line Ltd (fishing boats),
British India Steam Navigation Co,
British Rail Ltd,
Blue Funnel Line Ltd

Common Brothers Ltd,
Cunard Shipping Co,
Canadian Steam Navigation Co,
Clan Line Steamers Ltd,
Comben Longstaff Ltd

Denholm Shipping Co

Eagle Oil Co,
Ellerman City Lines Ltd,
Esso Petroleum Co,
F.T. Everard + Sons Ltd

France Fenwick + Co,
Furness Whithy + Co

T + J Harrison Shipping Co,
Houlder Brothers Shipping Ltd

Indo China Steam Navigation Co

Jensens Shipping Co,
J Marr + Sons Ltd (fishing boats)

London + Rochester Trading Co,
Lowland Tanker Co

Ministry Of Defence,
Monroe Brothers Shipping Co

Niarchos Group Shipping Co,
Nigerian National Lines Co

Overseas Tankships Ltd

Palm Line Shipping Ltd,
Prince Line Shipping Co,
Port Line Ltd,
P + O Steam Navigation Co

Reardon Smith Line Ltd,
Regent Petroleum Tankships Ltd

Stephenson Clarke Shipping Co,
Silver Line Shipping Ltd,
Shaw Savill Albion Ltd,
Strick Line Shipping Ltd,
Stag Line Shipping Co,
Shell Tankers Ltd

Tower Shipping Co,
Texaco Petroleum Oil Co

Union Castle Shipping Line Ltd


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