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Growing up in North Shields in the 1920s and 30s

We had to bath in a zinc bath in front of the coal fire or a bath in the poss-tub on a washday.

I remember Trinity Church School and Queen Victoria School.  We had chalk and slates for writing and the teachers were very strict and used the cane.  Some people went to school without shoes or stockings.  There was a boot and shoe fund, and my mother used to give me a penny every week to put in the fund, a penny for myself and a penny for Sunday School.

In those days we celebrated Empire Day.

We lived in Lawson Street.  I didn’t have a bedroom and slept in a deskbed.  We had gas light and we didn’t have a radio.  I remember going down to Northumberland Square to listen to the loudspeakers as they broadcast the funeral service for King George V.  We had to bath in a zinc bath in front of the coal fire, or a bath in the poss-tub on a washday in the wash house, where there was a coal fire.

In those days nothing came pre-packed and things were delivered by horse and cart.

Married women didn’t work.  I worked at Howard Stores.  I had to wear a black overall and flat shoes, make up wasn’t allowed, nor was jewellery.  My pay was five shillings and sixpence a week.

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