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From Western Board 1956 to Linskill 1964

You wouldn't believe that in fifty odd plus years’ time we would still bump into one another for a bit natter – but it has happened!

This is a photo of the good old days of rough and ready.  As you can see none of us would pass a fashion parade, but this was our best togs.

Photograph of pupils at Western Board School (1956), Lower Penman Street, North Shields

Western Board School (1956), Lower Penman Street, North Shields

This photo is from, I believe, the year 1959.  This was the last one taken at Western Board because soon after we were sent off to ‘the big school’ as it was called.  Some of us ended up at Linskill Secondary Modern and the others ended up at Ralph Gardener.  Both schools today no longer exist.

Photograph of pupils at Western Board School in 1959

Pupils at Western Board School in 1959

Photograph of pupils at Linskill Secondary Modern in 1964

Some of the pupils: Dougie Moat, Ken Follon, Tommy Pugh, Alan Reed, Barry Peacock, Colin Hunter, Eric Heath, Harry Southworth, Norman Cole, Mary Fergussen, Maureen Easson, John Spencer, Marilon ?????, ???? Taylor, ???? Taylor (not brothers), Bobby Castle, Billy Wears, Bill Scott, Ernie Henderson, Andy Wilson etc., etc.,

One sad fact is that at least a couple of the school pupils have passed on.

We are now at ‘Linka’ as it was called and in a few more months we will leave and be spread all over England, chasing an exciting job or a new adventure.  Some, as far as I know, went to university but the likes of myself left school on the Friday and started work on the Monday.  Others were lucky enough to land a good apprenticeship in the likes of the shipyards or at sea.  Mind you, life was great then, for if I remember right I had about eight different jobs in as many months.

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