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Fred’s Steam Train

Take the train to Norway.

A belch of black smoke comes into sight
Just over the top of the hill
It is the steam train heading for the docks
Running to the transit sheds still

It is on his way to the Fred Olsen Line berth
With their ferries lying at Albert Edward Dock
When the driver blows his steam whistle
You can get an awful shock

With the train bulging with people
Some going to Denmark you can see
The others are heading for Norway
On holiday it could even be

As they begin to leave the train
On board ship they start to embark
The start of this sea adventure
For the kids is just a lark

Time for the train to give a whistle
Everybody leaving is on the train we pray
As it is back to Newcastle he heads
So each passenger can go their own way

The train’s days are now numbered
Things are not looking that good
Most people are now starting to fly
So less go by sea than they should

Sadly the last train has now been
No more arrivals at the shed
This is another piece of Albert Edward Dock
Which is now well and truly dead

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