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Evacuation 2

Guns were going and I said, “Mum, look at all the shrapnel.” She said, “Never mind the shrapnel!”

I hated it.   I hated the school we were in, it was a mixed school, it was just that I didn’t know anybody.   I was put into a house with a young girl who was just a year younger than me, so she wasn’t in the same school as me.   I remember my mum came, this is just to exhibit how protective parents were then, I had met her off the bus and walking up she said, “I want to have a word with Mrs. Jones.”  They were all Mrs Jones in North Wales, I mean if you forgot the name you just said Mrs. Jones!

However, what she wanted a word about, because I must have dropped a few little clangers you see, and she wanted to check up on me!   Well one of the things was when my mum did arrive, this lady whose house I was billeted to. had also a male lodger – so when I happened to mention this, she said, “You’re coming home”, so we did!   Guns were going and I said, “Mum, look at all the shrapnel.”   She said, “Never mind the shrapnel!”

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