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Easter 1958

Everyone used to get excited about Good Friday coming along.


I remember back in the good old days everyone used to get excited about Good Friday coming along.   The first thing was all us kids used to get some kind of new clothes, which was really great in those times.   The second was everyone used to gather at Northumberland Square getting ready to go marching.  When I look back there would be hundreds taking part – old, young and middle aged.   You had of course the Salvation Army band to lead, then people who represented the forces: Army, Navy,  Air Force and other offshoots, then all the parents and kids from different churches around the area.

I am not saying you had to be religious or the marching was a bundle of laughs but in these times you would get an apple, orange and two pennies.   The catch was that you had to follow the Salvation Army Band so far, then we would march off to our local church which was based right opposite the Bewick Pub on Coach Lane.   Today it is sheltered accommodation called Trinity Close (Church Group flats).

Another thing that springs to mind is the fact we never got any chocolate Easter eggs.  The only ones we got were hard boiled and you would take them to either your ordinary school – ours was Western Board in Lower Penman Street, or the church Sunday school at weekends and paint faces etc. on them ready to hand out to friends and neighbours.  If you suggest something like go marching on Good Friday to the kids, they would have a fit.   Good Friday is a fair day and that’s that.   I might be wrong to say this, but the young ones of today have certainly missed out on the simple things of life.

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