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Christmas Past

They put a sack over one pig's head, another sack over his hind quarters and heaved him into the seat at the back of the car.

It was two days before Christmas 1934 or 1935 and 8.30pm, when Baden out in the van on his rounds rang Molly urgently. They were running out of pork.

They had pigs at Hill Top Farm and they needed to be slaughtered that night. Edna, the treasured maid-of-all-work was set to get the fire going in the Pot House, while Molly took Michael, the young butcher’s apprentice, in their tiny two-seater bull-nosed Morris to collect the pigs. The tenant on the farm was in bed with ‘flu, so with the help of the wife, they put a sack over one pig’s head, another sack over his hindquarters and heaved him into the ‘dickey seat’ at the back of the car. With Michael sitting on the pig to hold it down, Molly drove carefully home just as Baden arrived back.

He stood slaughtering and scalding the pig while Molly and Michael went back for pig number two. This was transported in exactly the same way in time for Frank, the butcher’s assistant arriving back ready to slaughter. Frank had been out on his rounds at the same time as Baden, but he also had run out of pork. All worked with a will to get the pig scalded and hung, the slaughterhouse cleared and cleaned by 11.30pm, when they all sat down to a well-earned supper.

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