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Christmas Memories Early 1960s 2

Decorating the tree was a very happy, cosy sort of time, rounded off with a glass of sherry.


Preparing for Christmas in our house was always exciting, with some traditions that I have carried on into my own family’s preparations. Mum did all the shopping for presents but my Dad did all the wrapping up. This usually happened on Sunday afternoon and evening and took a long time because he was a perfectionist, never wasting a scrap of paper and doing beautiful corners on each parcel.

Again on a Sunday would be the ceremony of putting the Christmas tree up. I don’t remember too many real trees in our house but there was a small silver artificial one that was carefully packed away (again, by my Father) every year. It had a selection of glass decorations and tinsel that had been collected over many years, and I still have some of these to put on my tree now. It went in an alcove in the front room, with lights and looked very pretty. Dad was always keen to have lights in the window too and spent ages making sure they were equally spaced and working properly – they also had to flash on and off.

Putting the tree up was a very happy, cosy sort of time, rounded off with a glass of sherry and this is something we still do at home. Christmas morning was always magical because you could put the Christmas lights on and stoke the fire up, giving just enough light to open your presents by, before anyone else was around.

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