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Chapel Activities

The boys used to fasten their cup to their belt and more often than not they went home with just the handle.

We spent a lot of our young days at the Wesleyan Chapel, which was at the bottom of Westmorland Avenue.  Sunday School every Sunday afternoon, also evening service.  There were other things on during the week; Bible class on Tuesday evenings and Magic Lantern shows at the Band of Hope meeting on Thursdays.  It was very primitive equipment, which gave off an odd smell.

After Christmas we would begin to practise for the anniversary, which was in May, when we all wore white dresses and white shoes.   Mother washed, starched and ironed those dresses beautifully and always, they were made to last for three years.   Each year she changed the ribbon, which was slotted in the waist, from blue to pink and then lilac.   We said our little piece, which with the others made up a Bible story and we sang nice hymns.  The Chapel was always full of proud parents. It was the event of the Sunday School year, except perhaps the sports day, which was held in the Bogwell field right opposite the Chapel.  We each received a bag of cakes and we took our own cups.   The boys used to fasten their cup to their belt and, more often than not, went home with just the handle after their rough and tumble, sack and three-legged races.   I always managed to win a prize for running, often a ball, toy, battledore and shuttlecock or a tennis racquet.   Nothing would cost more than 6d at Woolworth’s.   I went to Sunday school until I was 14 years old.

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