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A Grand Day Out

As a treat, on Sunday afternoons, my parents took my brother and myself on a tram trip to Throckley.

In the early 60’s, my father was away at a teacher training college during the week, returning at weekends to see my mother, brother and myself; returning to the college on a Sunday afternoon.

In those days, trams ran from Wallsend High Street through Newcastle to Throckley and as a treat, on most Sunday afternoons, my parents would take my brother and myself on a trip up to Throckley.

I seem to remember that the bus stop was in Vine Street, and it went along the High Street through Walkergate, ending up just after what is now the junction of the A1 and A69.

The trip was always exciting to me. Watching the other passengers getting on and off, the bus conductor going around the tram collecting the fares, and watching the world go by outside the windows.

The trams had wooden floors that I think were slatted.

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