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A Geordie Lad

In Loving Memory of Derek Scott, born 25th May 1936, died 10th October 2011.

The Scott family have been contributors and supporters of the website for several years and we were saddened to hear about Derek’s death.  We are delighted that his brother Bob and sister Joan have agreed to let us include the following family poem on our website.


He was a local lad at heart
And time away was time apart
From where he wanted most to be,
That bonny birthplace by the sea.

He roamed a realm in ready reach
From frothy fringe of Tynemouth-Beach
To all the places he knew well
In areas that cast their spell;

That special stretch in which to stray,
From canny Shields to Whitley-Bay,
To capture all the coast creates
Then share some beer with all his mates.

He suffered setbacks and some scares,
His health hazards and deep despairs,
But battled back and won his way
To find another fun-filled day.

A social creature to the end
As husband, father, brother, friend,
Good-natured guy, firm football-fan
And generous, genial, Geordie-man.

Of course he’s had to leave behind
His relatives of every kind
And mates with whom he’s shared his life,
Sad siblings and a worthy wife.

Freed from the prison of his pain,
He’ll find his lust for life again
And focus on what lies ahead
And ponder paths that he may tread.

Once through Those Gates, he’ll see some signs
Point to the parts for which he pines,
Re-claim the culture that he craves,
And coastline-cliffs and ocean-waves.

He’ll smile at memories of those
Who will not know what he now knows,
That needs him only, now he’s here,
To wait for others to appear.

He’ll find the favourite Geordie-pub,
Procure a pint and grab some grub,
And fit right in with little fuss
And raise his glass to all of us

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