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World Book Day 4th March 2021 – take a break and read a book!

Books may have more competition these days but they have helped many through Lockdown. Of course, they can now be read on screens too (perhaps not by purists).

We have two memories that describe falling in love with books as children, both mention public libraries and are full of memories of specific books. So it was salutary to also come across this memory:

“With my sixpence pocket money I could pay 2d and borrow a book for seven days from a sweet shop, which had started a lending library. This was before public libraries.” After School 2 – Remembering the Past

Some people are able to read whilst they walk and we loved this voice of experience:

“When I was about nine, I was sent to collect a parcel of groceries from the Meadow Dairy on Whitley Road. In those days groceries were wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. I was walking down the road with a comic resting on the parcel, unaware of a tram stop post, until the jam, sugar and margarine etc. were all over the pavement. I didn’t want to go home, but wasn’t sent to my room as a punishment as there were books in my bedroom.”  Reading 2 – Remembering the Past

Later they recall how there seemed to be many beautiful though expensive books in childhood – “I wish I still had a book called King of the Golden River”. It’s interesting to realise that beautiful books have been one way publishing has adapted to technological competition.  Reading 2 – Remembering the Past

We’d love to hear any memories you wish to share about books and reading.