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Working at the Rex

I thought to myself “here we go again”.


When my time in the army finished I had to think what I would do next. I was convinced I would not go back to working in cinemas, (I had been a projectionist before the war). Help was at hand through the local Labour Exchange. A friendly interviewer asked if I would like to take up a course to learn sheet metal work. This would involve making ventilation channels to be used in factories. I agreed to register and start the course if I was accepted. All I had to do was take a temporary projectionist’s job in the meantime until the next course started. This I did, thinking it would be short term. How wrong I was. I agreed to work for Mr Millar who owned the Rex Cinema in North Shields and going into the projection room was like slipping into very familiar surroundings. I thought to myself “here we go again”.

The Senior Projectionist was a very amiable young man like myself who had not long been demobbed from the army, so we had a lot in common. His name was Fred Gallon. Fred suggested we have a break around seven or eight o clock in the evening and then I could go and watch the show from a comfortable seat in the Circle, which I did.

After about a week a pretty usherette approached me and asked if I was the new person working with Fred. From then on never a day passed without me seeing her. I was smitten. After months together, I gradually grew to appreciate her and wanted to be with her. I knew in my heart I loved her. Not long after, I married my one and only girlfriend Mary.

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