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Weddings 1958

After the wedding the car window would be rolled down and out came a hand full of coins.

The rumours of a wedding always brought a smile to your face because you knew a hoy out was on its way.   In these times it was considered good luck to the happy couple if they threw a handful of money out of the car when it left the church.   Now all the kids from around the doors would turn up and we would be lurking around just like a pack of wolves waiting to close in for the kill.   Once all the formalities involving the happy couple were done and the couple were in the car you were under starters orders.  The car window would be rolled down and out came a hand full of coins.  Of course the bigger the hand the more coins so the happier we were.   That was it, before the coppers had even hit the ground it was like a rugby match between us.   Everyone was pushing and shoving, diving and squirming around for poll position.   It was great fun and you never really got hurt, but then and again it would not be the first time you came away without a penny and felt down and out.   Sadly this is another old tradition which just seems to have disappeared into the sunset and forgotten about.

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