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Tonsils Out at Home

All in a morning's work!

Not all operations took place in hospital; sometimes they took place in one’s own home.

In 1939, at the beginning of the Second World War, I went to help a friend, who was confined to bed with a quinsy. She had a six-year-old son who was booked to have his tonsils removed at that time. The operation took place one morning in the kitchen of his home.

The doctor arrived with a nurse; I washed the table thoroughly with disinfectant and water. The nurse covered it with a waterproof sheet and undressed the boy. She put a gown on him and laid him on the table. The doctor gave him an anaesthetic, removed the child’s tonsils, waited in the sitting room with him until fully recovered, left instruction on further care, pocketed his fee and left with nurse.

All in a morning’s work!

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