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The School Dentist

His nurse had to bar the door to stop us escaping.

One reason for wanting to skive from school was the visit of the School Dentist.

Even the toughest kids at school were terrified of the word dentist alone never mind the man.  He made the knees start knocking and there was many a child wet themselves with fear waiting to go in.

You saw him in a caravan beside the school and if you were waiting to see the ‘horse doctor’ (our nickname for him) and the child he was treating starting yelling, that was it!  His nurse had to bar the door to stop us escaping and then she would come out with immortal words. “Come on now, stop being silly there is nothing to be frightened of.”

We used to look at her and were dying to say, “Oh yeah well you go in instead of us then” when the horse doctor shouted “Next”!

Looking back, it was like a comedy scene, us kids sitting in the waiting area on a long form, would shove the one in front of him.  “It’s your turn”, then the pushing and shoving would commence until the giant of a man would point to someone, “You in here now”!

I think every child had at least one attempt in keeping their mouth tight shut.  For some it worked, for some you came out with sore and deaf ears from listening to the shouting.  But it was worth it, even though the next time he visited the school you had to open your mouth and boy did you pay for making him look a fool in front of the other kids.  You had no option though, because your parents had been informed of what had gone on and guess what happened when they were told? Yep – boxed ears again!

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