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The Nana (Gannies of 1955)

Now Sundays was always the best to visit for stotties and scones were getting cooked.

The Nanas’ that were around in my time
Were nothing like those of today
If this was a good or bad thing
It is not really for me to say

You would often pop along to see
Your Nana once or twice a week
A bit of pocket money or some sweets
Was what you got as a bribe so to speak

The Nanas often stood at the back doors
Gossiping about this one or the other
When you think how much they were nosey parkers
they could well have been on about your mother

They seemed to stand there for hours
Just talking about this that and whatever
As soon as someone’s name was mentioned
you would get those immortal words, “well I never.”

The old fashioned Nanas looked the same
With a pinny and hair net on their head
So when you think of today’s Nanas
This old dress sense is well and truly dead

Now Sundays was always the best to visit
For stotties and scones were getting cooked
No matter what anyone would do or say
The smell of fresh baking always got you hooked

The old style Nana has now gone
Most old ways have been laid to rest
But no matter what today’s kids think
The old nana’s way was always right and the best

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