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The Little Chap ‘n’ His Cap

A trip to Kay’s the Sweety Shop saw all our money spent.

Here is a woeful story
of a little lad called Ben,
he was a boy of six years old
and his sister Pearl was ten.
The year was Nineteen Fifty Eight
a morning bright and sunny.
Sitting on our front door step
we’d spent all our pocket money.

A trip to Kay’s the Sweety Shop
saw all our money spent,
we lived next door to King Street Club
where the North Shields locals went.
The Club was going on an outing
and came out to board the bus,
one old chap, he snatched me cap
boy! Did I make a fuss.

I followed him onto the coach
where all his mates were milling,
to my surprise he opened me cap
and in it popped a SHILLING.
The cap was passed around the throng
and then passed back to me,
it was chocka block with money
my face lit up with glee.

“Thank you very much”. I beamed
and swiftly left the bus,
I ran up to my sister
As Pearl counted up the money
we were both in seventh heaven,
“How much have we made?” I asked.
She replied “Three Pound, Six ‘n’ Seven”.

Dancing for joy, so very happy
we had never been so glad.
Excitedly I ran indoors
and proudly showed me Dad.
I grinned up at me Fatha
as pleased and proud could be,
he smiled back, patted me head
then took the cap from me.

“There you go my little man
here’s a ‘TANNA’ just for you,
and as you’ve both been extra good
give Pearl a sixpence too”.
The moral of this sad tale is
don’t ever be a SAP!
If you’ve got owt worth keeping

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