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The Ladies at Carlton Court Remember

Ella was kept on to make fish boxes.

A few ladies at Carlton Court gave their memories. Ella McDonald is in her ninety first year. She told me when she was fourteen years old she worked on the Fish Quay. She lived in Hudson Street so she hadn’t far to walk. She started work at 8.00 am and had an hour’s break. If there was no catch, most girls were finished but Ella was kept on to make fish boxes (wooden with iron bands). The boxes varied in size, some were very big for huge cod.

Our warden’s husband (Robert Clark) told us how he remembers animals being taken to the slaughter house at the back of Spring Terrace. Also, he told us about the Smithy. He remembers watching over half a door top in Norfolk Street. Mary Greener told us she was a ward maid at Preston Hospital. Her wage was small and her hours were long.

Norah Harrison told us how she remembers funerals when the undertaker walked in front and the horses wore plumes.

Ann worked 7.30 am until 8.00 pm Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and on her half day she finished work at 3.00 pm.

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