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The Cabbage Patch on the Fish Quay

This was the nickname of a corner, Down on the North Shields fish quay, Some visitors were local buskers, Who drank stuff stronger than tea

Photograph of men on North Shields Fish Quay

On North Shields Fish Quay

This was the nickname of a corner
Down on the North Shields fish quay
Some visitors were local buskers
Who drank stuff stronger than tea

How it got the name cabbage patch
I could not tell or say
We heard some fishing lads talking one time
‘Off to the cabbage patch we will make our way’

We watched them walk along the quay
To Wrighties general dealers they did go
Then they walked across the road
With their bottles of beer on show

One time the patch was always full
With lads that worked on the quay
Some were crews of the boats themselves
Just looking for a bit of local gossip you see

As less and less boats came into Shields
Fewer and fewer at the cabbage patch would show
It is as if once where the sun shone bright
Jack frost arrived and started blowing snow

Not many boats now fish the Tyne
Nobody goes to the cabbage patch any more
That is another piece of fish quay history
That has fallen from our shore

Editor’s Note – The ‘Cabbage Patch’ was on the corner straight opposite the Sailor’s Mission. It would be quite common to see lads drinking very early in the morning after a night’s busking.

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