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Spuds 1957

Spuds was a nickname for holes in your socks around these times.

Spuds was a nickname for holes in your socks around these times.  They would appear just at the back of your heel.  They would start off as just frayed, then a small hole would appear and off it went by getting bigger and bigger.  It did not stop you wearing them because all you did was pull them up a bit less until the hole was under your heel a bit, so it was out of sight inside your shoe and hey presto gone.

As the socks we wore were knee-length you got a good whack of wear and tear out of them.  You knew when it was time to ask for a new pair because your knee socks were now ankle socks and you had no room for any more holes to appear.  Apart from that, your shoes were a tight fit also.  Some parents were quite posh and darned them, but most were rabble like me and just did the sock turn over trick as it was easier.  Come to think of it those socks lasted a few months, but I cannot remember them ever getting washed – it was a simple case of wear till the death then dump.

Somehow, I could never imagine socks with holes in then today (2007), as they are not cool with the kids.  Unless of course they were Nike or Adidas and cost around £20.00 in the shops to buy.

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