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Shipping Cars Through Albert Edward Dock

Reflecting on a time of change for the Albert Edward Dock

There is hope now for the docks
Fiat cars have now arrived
It is easing the depression
The place is starting to again thrive

Many ships full of cars unloaded
As they make their way to the port
They are driven to the car pounds
So, into the makes they can be sort

Everything is all systems go
Just like ants working on their hill
Every department is full of busy
But some doubts the workers have still

Everything seems to be going smoothly
Everyone is relaxed and free
So why is there a black cloud
Hanging over the Fiat car factory?

The bosses do not look too happy
In fact, they are really looking sad
We have all got a funny feeling
Our news is going to be bad

Just like the Volvo cars
The car company is packing to go
Why when the lads ask for an answer
I guess no one will tell them so

Your car sheds are soon emptied
The car pounds are now bare
Now there is nothing left to show
That the Fiat car company was ever there.

Editor’s note:
Our contributors reflecting on a time of transition for the Albert Edward Dock. Since then the port of Tyne’s two car terminals have continued to grow and be successful. They now serve many of the world’s major brands including Nissan and VW.

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