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Percy Main to Jarrow Ferry 1961

Many a time we got a lift either one way or the other

At times when we played the wag from school, we would head over to Jarrow instead of Tynemouth or Whitley Bay.  Often, we got through the tunnel all right but when it came to coming back the tunnel man would scatter us.  Now much as we pleaded with him and told him a thousand times, we came from North Shields it was a case of hop it or you will get a thick ear.  The good thing in these days was the ferry that ran back and forwards all day from Jarrow to Percy Main and back.

Now kids are kids, so not to be put off we just went to the cars and lorries that were waiting in line to board the ferry to Percy Main and pleaded our case.  You always got a good one who told you to hop on the back and keep your head down or there would be trouble for him taking our side.  Many a time we got a lift either one way or the other, plus you were never afraid of anyone in these times.

Sadly, the ferry crossing is now long gone.  Lots of good memories to bring a smile to my face though.

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