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Old Newspapers, 1958

In return for the newspapers, we got a massive bag of fresh cooked chips


When we were skint in these times and fancied a bag of chips it was a simple task indeed.  We would just set off around the doors and collect the old newspapers people had.  No comics were allowed because these had colours in them, so for whatever reason could not be used.  Within half an hour you would have a good couple of armfuls each, so we would trot along to Cotties fish and chip shop in Lawson Street (North Shields) and see whoever was minding the shop at the time.

Now in return we got a massive bag of fresh cooked chips which was enough to feed however many of us there were.  No matter what anyone says, when it comes to good feeding, chips cooked in proper beef dripping and served up in old newspapers tasted beautiful and always made our mouth water.  You were always smacking your lips and contented.

Now to buy the chips you either got a 4d bag (2 new pence), a 6d bag or a family bag for a shilling (5 new pence) – with this one you could feed an army.

All this grease might not be healthy for you but when it comes to taste and flavour the stuff they use to fry chips today does not have a look in.

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