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Never Parted

“You know that lad, he wants to meet you”, but I said, “I don’t know him!”


It was funny, I was only eighteen and I was going out with this boy and he was a nice lad.  I said to him, “Don’t come for me anymore” and he was very upset.  The thing was he had ginger hair and I said to myself, “If I marry him, I’ll have ginger children” – so it was finished!

How I met Bob, the friend I used to go with, her brother worked at Duncan’s in Walkergate, with the war being on they were busy and on overtime.  So, we were together at the bottom of the street one day and they came out of work.  This lad was with her brother.  They said, “You know that lad, he wants to meet you”, but I said, “I don’t know him!”  I was standing in the street and he was standing at the corner and they were pushing me to get to him.  But that was it, I went down and he took me to the Grand Theatre.

I met him at eighteen, he’s been dead two years and we’ve never parted.  We had our diamond wedding, we got a lovely telegram from the Queen.  He only lasted six weeks and died, he must have kept himself going for our diamond wedding; we were never parted.

Everybody says he was a true gent; I miss him.  When we went to bed he would put his arm around me, and the other night I could feel his arm around my waist just the way he used to, I knew.  We had happy times.

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