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MV Leda

The tale of a ship of the Tyne

A ship starts to appear on the horizon
She is sailing from north to west
With her white wheelhouse and black funnel
This vessel is surely one of the best

She was built by Swan Hunters at Wallsend
With pride she was completed to perfection
She is the smartest ship sailing the seas
No other vessel looks as good on close inspection

The ship’s name is the Leda
She is the best liner of her day
Running from the River Tyne regularly
Across to the Scandinavian countries so they say

The vessel belongs to the Bergen Shipping Line
Serving the Tyne year after year
Who would have guessed one fine day
She would be cast adrift without a care

As the years had progressed on and on
The old lady was well out of her time
It was very sad for one and all
When she last sailed out of the River Tyne

The old ship battled on through the years
Passing from owner to owner to owner
She roamed the seas of the big wild world
Just like someone lost who is a loner

From her launch date in 1953
I bet no-one could have stood up and said
If you jump fifty years into the future
That fine old ship would still not be dead

She lasted fifty years plus one
With the odd face lift here and there
It just goes to show every one
What can last with a bit of love and care

M/V Leda 1953 – 2004

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