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Musings of a Wooden Dolly

I stand there in Northumberland Square, looking at the harbour view

I stand there in Northumberland Square
Looking at the harbour view.
Each day staring, counting stones,
On this site I stand anew.

The busy Tyne, so long ago,
I saw from the then Low street.
Beside the Wooden Dolly pub,
Where the whole world seemed to meet.

Arabs, Turks, Greeks and Dutch
Went past me seeking favours.
From locals frequenting the streets,
Before that we had slavers.

But that was in my mother’s day,
She stood there long before me.
Hacked by curio seekers hands,
I’m glad now they ignore me.

Except for occasional camera shots
By visitors to the town.
I wonder what their thoughts are
As I wearily look down.

I’m quietly musing on those days
And the Tyne course long ago.
Of ships and commerce, the whole world stopped.
And all the world would know

Of our great historic past.
We had it on the Tyne
Now alas, a dying place
With no mercantile design.

If ever we return to that great glory
That we had so long ago.
Please put me where my mother stood
And I’ll watch the river flow.

I’d look up then – I’d even smile,
A change for the wooden dolly.
But what is fame – I’ll change my name.
Then they’d call me Pretty Polly!

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