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Marching on Good Friday 1

We always wore our new Easter finery for the event.


Marching on Good Friday in North Shields was always a big event and the procession included the Salvation Army, Boys Brigade, Scouts and Guides among others. The route of the march, The Procession of Witness, included Albion Road, Preston Road, Cleveland Road and Hawkeys Lane, returning along Albion Road before turning into Northumberland Square where the march finished. We always wore our new Easter finery for the event and received an orange when we finished. Banners were carried and bands played.

Marching on Good Friday in Wallsend was always a big event too. Hundreds of people would assemble on The Green and then process down Frank Street, Station Road and High Street, passed Richardson Dees School, up Boyd Road and back to The Green. The Mayor would take part in the procession and it would stop at each church on the route. Everyone wore their Sunday best and I remember always wearing a new white dress for the occasion. I think the Rising Sun Colliery Band would play while we marched.

Cullercoats Mission always had a march on Good Friday morning led by a banner held up on two poles and with strings on it to steady it. We went all round the village, stopping on street corners and announcing to passers by when the Easter services would be taking place. “Dear friends, we’re here to tell you about the services”. We always got a hot cross bun at the end of the march.

When I moved to Castle Park the same sort of thing used to happen, but we would also have a faith tea in the evening between services. There were services all day on Good Friday and it was very solemn. We made up for it on Easter Sunday and Monday when we would be out with family and friends on trips out and picnics. The march from Castle Park would go all the way to Earsdon for a service in the Chapel and we received an orange as a present then.

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