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Forest Hall, 1960s and 1970s

Having to sit in the house by candlelight because power station coal supply was rationed.

I remember at about the age of two being taken by my mother over the newly built flyover in Forest Hall.  I was wearing a blue suit – trousers and a hooded anorak, which I can still picture today.  The flyover wasn’t open for traffic, but you could walk over on the pavement.  A great adventure for a two-year-old!

I also remember the man with his horse and cart who came around selling fruit and veg, and going to Willowdene nursery on Great Lime Road with my mother to buy plants for the garden.  There was a garage next door with one petrol pump. I particularly remember going to Springfield Park and picking some flowers to give to my mother.  Why did I get a good telling off?

Other things I remember include going down through the fields to see Prince Charles open The Associated Dairies, having to go to school (part time) at The Working Men’s Club because there was no coal to heat the schools due to the miners being on strike.  Also having to sit in the house by candlelight because the power stations’ coal supply was rationed, and the electricity was cut off at certain times.  Each area took its turn.

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