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When she was eighteen years old Elizabeth joined the Women’s Timber Corps.

Timber Corps Teamwork


Elizabeth was born in 1924.  She attended Christ Church School in North Shields where they were very strict but fair.

When she was eighteen years old Elizabeth joined the Women’s Timber Corps where she served for six years.  The work was heavy but there was great camaraderie and after the war they kept in touch for many years attending reunions etc.

Following her demob life was very hard as there were few jobs around.  Eventually Elizabeth found a job at Arthur’s Cafe in Whitley Bay . Arthur’s Cafe was an Oyster Bar; the work was hard, and it was a twelve hour day.  Elizabeth recalls it cost two shillings for cod and chips with bread and tea.

Other places Elizabeth worked at were The London and Newcastle Tea Company in North Shields, The Ministry in Longbenton, The Royal London Insurance Company in Whitley Bay and Gladstone’s Ironmongers in North Shields.

Below are the words of one of the songs the girls in the Timber Corps used to sing.

Thanks for the memory
Of a million trees to fell
Of Renee’s bloody bell
Of Yankee camps
And Tilley lamps
And Hayne where we did swell
How lovely it wasThanks for the memory
Of freezing frozen logs
Kneeling down in bogs
Of maggot stew and cocoa brew
My how memories jog
Thank you so muchWe said goodbye with a heartache
Taking our memories along
But we were intelligent people
No tears no fuss
Hooray for usThanks for the memory
Strictly entre vous
Ladies how are you?
And how are all those little dreams
Did they all come true
Awfully glad we met you
Cheerio and toodle loo
And thank you so much

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