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East Howdon Social Club in the 1950s

If you took the lemonade bottle back you got a penny.

Children were allowed into the club only to buy pop and crisps.  We would knock on the bar door and when the barmaid had time, she would serve you.  If you took the lemonade bottle back, you got a penny.  The club had a leek show every year and they would put up a big marquee on the spare ground at the bottom of Barrasford Street.  I remember the smell of all the vegetables and flowers in the marquee was gorgeous.  My mother and other women round the streets used to enter their knitting and needlework in the show as part of the Ladies Section.  The place would be buzzing while the judges made their decision.  It was quite a thing to come first in the leek show.

I remember my dad would pull his leeks a few days before and put them in a bucket of water overnight.  Then he chose his best three.  Saturday morning, he would clean them with milk and no one dared touch them until after the show, then my mam would make a huge pan of broth.  Lovely!

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